Preserve Town

Author: Karen

Heroes Community link
Download for 0.98


Looks really nice. I see Karen says on HC it’s VCMI-ready, but I’m confused by the folder structure: how to add it to our package? Copy the 3 folders in Mods, create a “Preserve” folder, or how else?

Most likely same layout as in Cove mod - what you see is 3 mods in one package. To install - unpack all of them in mods directory. You should end up having files Mods//mod.json

Some issues with package:

  1. “Thumbs.db” files should be removed
  2. preserve-town\Content\config\structures.json duplicates real preserve-town\Content\config\preserve\structures.json"
  3. config contains some parts of Cove town and in additionally dependent on it (link to Cove hero classes)

From what i see, monsters are nicely designed, but town itself looks a little like someone blaced buldings randomly on ground which could be olso a little bit better.
Other thing i won’t be sure until i play it are monster stats. They seem unballanced a little. Have you made 1-week-growth-test against other towns?

well the town is taken from heroes 4 or 5 dont remeber which one.
the monsters looks decent. could you try to make the graphic on the town a little better, it makes my eyes bleed.

I’d say that magic eyes should hate beholders. :stuck_out_tongue:

@lonelywolf: the town name & graphics are are from H4. The creatures rather new or at least different than their designs in other titles. I kinda liked the graphics, but maybe it’s because I liked them in H4 on this town as well.

@Randjan: a possibility, though it would be a bit funny, because the upgrade - Misfortune Eyes - will probably cast (surprise surprise) Misfortune, which was what Beholders used to cast in H4. Talk about the upgrade, that “all purple” approach makes it maybe the main creature that might need a small redesign. For the rest, it really looks promising.

Just for the record, Karen took 10 monsters from my ripped 3D pack, 2 from Hero of Light, the last 2 from Itsjustme, then buildings from H4. All this without a single word of credit, then release Karen’s town :mrgreen:

Well, that’s not too good.

Then we’ll rename it to Valery & company’s town, if you wish?

I only like the monsters look, nothing else, it has no good background or anything, to me it just looks like a bunch of monsters mashed together.

Hell, no :mrgreen:

I I released 160 monsters pack , it was for modmakers to get material for mods/maps, making a town require visual unity, similar textures between creatures and between creatures and their dwellings too. This can’t be done by picking ripped monsters from 100 games around, each game using different combat animations. Anyway, I am happy someone is using them, but I would like some credit, took me two years to make them.

You’re right, you should be credited. I have edited the first post to clearly refer to authors who originally released defs.

Please, can anybody upload Preserve Town? Current link is dead:-(

I can’t download it either, Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon.

I mirrored it: …
Still, please remember that we are not the authors of the mod (and we do not maintain it).

I have crash ;/
If I want look artifacts Pamela heroes I get crash

Can you have similar problem?

I fixed most of the bugs in the preserve mod about 2 months ago, I didn’t fix all of them yet, but this is a playable version, if VCMI crashes because of the preserve mod:

Noob question:

Long LONG time HOMM3 player. Have played through WOG and HotA and ran across VCMI! Awesome add-on. Anyway, I have downloaded the preserve town, understand it’s a single folder with 3 sub folders. Everything I have tried results in an error and a crash. What do I do with the folder? I tried copying and pasting the preserve town folder into the mod folder, I tried copying the 3 subfolders into the mod folder…not working. Please help me!

Thank you for your consideration.

Where did you download this mod? Doesn’t my old link work?

Any mod you download, you need to put in the mods folder. That folder should contain the “contents” folder or archive, and a file names mod.json.