Preserve Town

I have done that for other mods, but the file structure of this one seems somewhat different? Maybe I didn’t unpack it correctly?

Hey guys, not one to miss out on a working town i went ahead and got it working with 0.96

here is the link i take no credit for it i just got it working on current version to try it out. If you want the link removed please let me know.

Are you sure nothing is missing? The creators of the original mod are gone or something, I haven’t seen them and I was the last one editing it as it was unplayable, and all I remember is that I saw many things that make no sense, so I feel like I deleted something that was meant to be there…

Can somebody reload Preserve, becouse file is delated ;(

Sorry, I am currently busy with my studies, maybe in july I will recheck, but I have no idea who even plays this mod. It wasn’t very popular, probably because it’s all “borrowed” sprites and portraits. … e.rar?dl=0

Here is a link the preserve that i went ahead fixed as best as i could. I went through and correct any error that vcmi would spit out on launch and all seems to be working well.

I am sorry, but I may have deleted something, while trying to convert the mod from an older version to 0.94 or something like that. Which version did you download and fix?

I really can’t remember but it’s working on the newest one now.

Thanks, will update link in the first post.