Nullkiller AI


Basic morale management was introduced. Now AI should not take too many alignments

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I’ve noticed in fresh daily build that I got some unreproduceable crashes and the and of AI turn or begginning my turns (saving gamestate).


Might be. I recently got undefined behavior after some performance optimization. Griphons started attacking adjacent stacks, catapult got fire armor. So crashes is not the most horrible thing. For now AI can be treated as a bit unstable. Anyway if you have crash dump it will help very much (but only if I will be able to open it, my c++ skills are not very strong).


The map editor does not work with versions vcmi-nullkiller


Do you mean it can not start? Or it does not build? Or it is not possible to load a map generated in the editor?


Map editor works without problem with AI branches because it’s separate, independed software. Some mods can crash launching map editor.


If there is some nullkiller specific problem I can check. I made a few changes to VCMI_lib and I do not know how map editor uses it.


does not start freezes during loading,cannot connect to filesystem.json


Game crashes at end of AI turn, when AI beats AI.
Attaching save. Used mods Pavillion ( (978.6 KB)


Map editor works well with Nullkiller branch for me. Be sure you set correct filepath in gamepath.txt


The crash is fixed temporarily.


Thanks for this fix. Now I can finish map without problems!


Opposites’ turn costs me very long time to wait for their ending. Can you fix it? It is hard to continue this game with a big map, or it will be fine if you can make it faster.


Could you provide the map and the mod list? How much time does one AI turn take?
There is a long term plan to use some multi-threading but this is a big task.


I only used 5 new town mods, sometimes AI will cost me 3 to 5 minutes for one turn.
I know this is a very big task…because I also learned for programming and now I am working for software testing… I expect it will be better, and it is really good now, only less bugs lead to crash.

A map…emm, I suppose some big map (L or XL) with boats will cost a long time.

Wish a great improvement soon, and thanks for your effort.


3-5 minutes for a single AI or for a few of them? It does not look horrible. I heard about a few hours per turn when mods are enabled. I will start working towards multithreading soon.


AI turns can last longer. Especially if you play normally, without cheat code for revealing map :slight_smile:


Maybe one day I will remove cheating but for now it will cost an arm and a leg to do this.


I talked about something else :wink: When I start map and type vcmieagles to observe ai behaviour - ai turns take some times. But, when I start map with fog of war - ai turns last longer (in late game of course).
AI cheating is fine for now.


3-5 minutes for a single. It is hard to play with a big map.

It is glad to see your AI was updated yesterday in your daily build, and it seems AI becomes increasingly better.

An arm and a leg? Does it mean very expensive? Maybe very time-consuming?