News from September 2017


Full news on website:

More details about new forums:

File upload

Discourse support drag and drop file uploads. So please stop using 3rd-party hosting providers for screenshot and other files since they always end up being dead after some time.


While Discourse is support BBCode you better to check Markdown as primary way to format forum posts:
Some safe subset of HTML is also supported as it’s part of Markdown specification.

Powerful search

Discourse have good and powerful search engine built-in and let you search easily within single topic. Make sure to try it since it’s better than most of search options in other forum software.

Slack integration

DIscourse will post notifications about new topics and posts into Slack.
You can as well could check #forum channel that track all new posts.

Link previews

It’s work for our wiki, bug tracker and other websites that support Open Graph.
If you post link to it’s will turn into following box:

Same works for the wiki

Old new forum theme

@AVS has prepared new theme for DIscourse similar to our old website design.

We’ll always keep standard Discourse Dark and Light themes available from Preferences -> Interface. So if you like one of them more feel free to use them.

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