Dark Chronicles theme

Heroes style forum theme is fairly usable already. More pixel-hunting and polishing to be done, but consider beta-test opened now. Please report any issues and suggestions here.

Theme can be selected in user preferences (theme applied only for desktop for now, on mobile it almost same as Dark theme)


I use Dark Chronicles for two, three days and I like it more that default theme.

I think it’s good enough already to make it default theme.

It’s nice. It’s basically the same as it was before the entire site structure change. Why did you change the entire forum look? You changed the host or something? I have never made a site, so please, sorry for my poor knowledge about this.

Our previous forum software was dated even when it’s was initially setup back in 2008 when VCMI project just started. By today’s standards it’s insecure, didn’t work on mobile well and it’s was impossible to integrate it well with other services we use. So it’s needed replacement and I finally had time to setup it all.

Also since old forum served as project website we needed to replace it with new website and that took some time to create too.

I hope it didn’t take too much time away from the game development. It is very nice. I actually had some problems with the old forum, but I liked the look a bit more, just the way buttons were positioned, nothing big.
I lost my password and couldn’t recover it without a moderator manually resetting it for me, because the recover password thing didn’t work properly, the message for resetting never arrived on my email address. It was also a bit annoying to type “VCMI” every time I logged in, to prove that I am human. And lastly, when sending private messages, I would quote everything someone said, just so I could remember what I’m trying to reply to and then I would have chains of quotes in quotes.
So, thank you for the upgrade, I just reset my password again and it’s nice that instead of getting a temporary password with random characters, you get a link to a password change screen and the message arrives instantly.

Oh, so the project website is separate from the forum? I never noticed that.

This is recent change. Old site main page was part of forum.

End up I still have to fix top menu to not override with login / sign up buttons…
Totally forgot to test it while logged-out.

White line in user profiles is somewhat ugly:

Partially fixed

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There also white panel only visible for staff with information of removed messages, but that’s not a big deal since only we see it.

White line = empty staff panel, there was border of that panel. With no border it is invisible.

At least that line appear in private view so it’s was visible for everyone.

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