[New Town Mod] Refugee

@riindlit I guess there’s a mod within your list that modify these neutral creatures and create the issue.

Here’s the mods I’m using too that I know are compatible:

Expansions : HoTA, WoG

Towns : Coutryard, Grove, Asylum, Cathedral, Fairy, Ruins, Haven, Forge (MDT & Heavenly 2000), Cetacea.

Other : Graphical, artifacts, objects/terrains & translation mods should be good. Neutral Heroes is ok.

The mods below should be fine :

Towns : Retreat, Abyss, Death Valley, Preserve, Pavilion, Tartarus, & Highlands towns.

Misc. : Tides of War, tok Extras, Creature Flugels, Campaign Heroes.

My guess would be that the issue come from overriding rogue’s “upgrade” data inside a .json file, which should be caused by either :

  • Axoloth Creatures Pack : Because of creature “Thug”; or
  • Antagarich Burning - map assets : Because of creature “Cutthroats”.

Please try disabling one of this mod at a time, and tell me which one is incompatible with Refuge town.

When it comes to translations, I’m not working on these files at all.
I will need a screenshot of the errors or a log to understand the issue.

Or it could be because I changed a lot and lot of things,
but this should be good for later versions as this town is now in a “stable” phase.

I might have forgotten to re-enable some translations inside “mod.json” though.

since 1.1 it is one of the most interesting towns, alongside with courtyard.

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Thanks @faust.twi , I really appreciate !

I conducted a test and it should be Antagarich Burning.

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I made a Google Form for bugs reports as I’m not a Github user. Find it HERE.

Refugee Town - Update version 1.1.1

Download link: Google Drive


  • Few JSON fixes, and building costs balance.
  • Fixed Mahyar description mentionning old unit Sagiitarii.
  • Increased Daeva’s transmute ability from 1% to 5%.
  • Added mod “Antagarich Burning Map Assets” to conflicting mods.
  • WoG stack exp submod : changed Thaumaturge/Enchanter damage bonus per level.

This is a small patch from feedbacks I was able to gather.
By the way, I’d really appreciate if someone could update preview pictures from the launcher.


I have worked on other town mods because the other mods needed more improvements. I have also rescored the town themes but I like the theme of Refugee. Here are some advices I can share:

  • It seems that the Watchtower is rendered on the map with vanishing points (perspectives à 3 points de fuite) whereas it should be rendered in isometric. You can do that in Blender.
  • You can upscale a sprite with SUPIR to work on it more easily.
  • I should redraw the marketplace using inpainting AI when I will get time but there are so many things to improve else where…