[New Town Mod] Refugee

I’d prefer to avoid placeholder solutions and I fear it could cause an over-representation of refugee heroes. Thanks for your reply, but I think that I will let later VCMI releases fix the issue itself.

I’m working on a creature bank right now. Once finished, I will release the version 1.0 as I have nothing left in my to-do-list. Expect release real soon.

It’s not placeholder solution, it’s rather workaround. From player’s point of view - no matter.

Will it cause increase of my town’s heroes showing in tarvern if I create 2 new classes for males ?

Refugee Town - Update version 1.0

Download link: Google Drive , Heroes3Nexus (Mirror)

Note : Mod was worked on VCMI 1.4.2 and wasn’t tested on newer VCMI versions. This time main folder is refugee-town and music files are in .OGG format.

Changelog :


What’s next ? :

  • Brand new faction : Evil Alignment, more conceptual. Still working on the roster.

  • Refugee Town : Eventual patchs for polishing (new Puzzlemap visual, misc. graphics improvment, more balance, more content?, etc.).

I have a question. Why not separate the Sorceress from the Enchanter?

Base idea for the mod was to use neutral units and it was a direct inspiration to Wog’s neutral town. Though, now that I’m familiar with sprite editing I could replace Sorceress indeed with a weaker variant of Enchanter.

By the way, I’m already working on a version 1.1. I’m open to feedback until the release of this final version. So don’t hesitate to list me everything, even minor, that needs to be fixed or improved.

I’ve been writing a background lore for the faction, and I’m doing a complete rework of heroes descriptions. I’m considering changing few portraits as well.

Is there any hero portraits you don’t like ? Or heroes mechanic/skills you’d prefer ? etc.

Edit : We could add new heroes too by the way. Any suggestions welcomed.

In my opinion, the biggest problem is the biological model, and it is very strange that Sorceress from and Enchanter are the same building. If possible, I hope the model can have more changes.
Enchanter and Sorceress can only build one side.
Heroes generally have anti Christian skills, perhaps the reason should be explained.
There should also be chaotic and evil characters among so many anti Christian heroes.

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Kinda feel like this faction is seen as too evil for what it’s supposed to be : neutral. Refugee’s creatures and heroes are people who lost their home, uniting to create their own town (faction).

What interesting new & unique specialties could we add to this faction’s heroes ?

Here screenshot for the weaker variant of enchanter, it has the red-color of refugee (castle, sagittarii, refugee’s heroes).



Also, from the early beginning up to the latest release, tier 7 doesn’t seems to be liked/popular that much. I’m working on a replacement for the next release. It’s an evil creature so replacing it should reduces the “evil” feeling this town has.

Since everybody love and want dragon, here we go. I present to you a Dragolem (dragon-golem) !


It’s my first time creating a H3 sprite from scratch. As you can see, I’ve been using crystal dragon as a base for body/legs/tail. I’m now trying to animate it using creature2D. Note: It’s still a WIP, it lacks post-processing effects.

When it comes to stats/abilities, here’s what I’ve been thinking of :

  1. High DEF stats. Eventually defensive stance ability (only if necessary).
  2. Golem nature : Spell-damage reduction 100% + Non-living.
  3. Dragon Nature : Some kind of magic resistance or immunity ? Won’t have fire breath though.
  4. It will be slower to other dragon due to its weight, but will gain Jousting ability.

For the upgraded-version’s new ability, I’m still wondering what mechanic would be interesting. Any ideas are welcomed.

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It looks interesting, but lacks uniqueness.
Nowadays, refugee towns have many elements of Zoroastrianism, and perhaps they can be designed around this.
Additionally, the map sprite for Daevas is incorrect.
I know it can only be obtained through recruitment, but this will affect the editing of custom maps.

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Wow, I am amazed with this release, although, I didn’t have much time to play, unfortunatelly.

There is suggestion from me, about the native terrain. I think “dirt” doesn’t suits well for this town. This terrain is more common with Necropolis, or Dungeon, whose are full of purrely evil, and nasty creatures, who are living in such environment (the dirt).

“Rough” is better choice for Refugee as a native terrain in my opinion. The town is a refuge for everyone, outside the “mainstream”, who seek for protection, somewhere in a distant, mountainous area. It also corresponds better with Assyrian/Akkadian style of the city, somewhat like “desert/middle estern” athospehere.

About new units. You may always consider alternative creatures.

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Small update with new townscreen visuals. For next update, I will make alternative dwellings for Refuge. This mean the player will be able to chose between two route :

  1. Classic route : Dwelling 6 = Enchanter, which will unlock Dwelling 7 = Mercury Lake for Dragolems. (still working on the visual).

  1. Evil route : Dwelling 6 = Nightmare, which will unlock Dwelling 7 = Door to Hell for Ahrimans.

As you can see, there’s a new building next to the Hall. This is a new dwelling for a new Tier 1 unit. This meant previous creatures will move one step in level, which will be more coherent to their original level. After that, there will be a balance overhaul.

I did few changes to some buildings as well. I will try to see if I can make the Mage Guild better looking.

Here’s an updated version of new Tier 7 sprite (old one being on the left). This is a rusty mechanical dragon (Dragolem). Unupgraded (center) is finished, the upgraded version (right) still needs improvements.