New resolutions

Some details about the poll:

You get up to three choices, but only 1 chance to vote (so if you submitted only 1, you won’t get to select the other 2 later on). :wink:

I’ve created it because I liked working on 1440x900 & 1280x1024, so I wouldn’t mind creating new ones for future releases, if there is request (let’s say at least 10 votes). And of course, if anyone else wants to try their hand on it, can pick from the list one of the most popular. Just mention here or in a dedicated thread, so that we avoid the double work. :slight_smile:

Eventually we could have all resolutions mentioned above (and more), even though - to keep the main VCMI archive as small as possible - the less popular will probably be available only in a separate pack. This separate pack could also include alternatives for certain resolutions (as I guess at some point game modders may want to make different use of the available space).

My choices:
1680 x 1050 WSXGA+ - important for me cause I have my private laptop with this res
1920 x 1080 HD 1080 - I think will be useful cause of HD more and more popular for outer monitors/TV
1366 x 768 WXGA - noticed that laptops with that res (15,6" matrix) are more and more common.

2 issues regarding the 0.74 release package:

  • I see ADROLLVR3.pcx, AdRollVR5.pcx, ZRESBAR3.pcx & ZResBar5.pcx are still in the Data folder. I believe they remained there when the content of the folder was overwritten with my package above.

  • And a tiny “cosmetics” issue: when editing Settings.txt for 1280x1024, I seem to have used spaces i/o tabs in front of the button lines. I corrected it now and I’m attaching the new file here.

If you update the archive removing the 4 .pcs files mentioned above, you could also update the Settings.txt with the below (again, not necessary - as I checked and it doesn’t lead to bugs or anything, just code cosmetics:)

EDIT: FYI - The file attached here has been updated also in the ReslPack74v3.7z archive attached in the o.p., so if you have that, there’s no need to download this again. I also figured out how come I had spaces i/o tabs for 1280x1024 - it was because of copy-pasting from SVN to the .txt file.
settings.7z (1.5 KB)

They were in the package you posted on the forum. But indeed they seem to be not used.
Will be removed.

It seems to be an old file, it misses 1280x1024 resolution, some coordinates are not updated (and defaults resolution to 1440x900).
I’ll keep the old one, since the issue doesn’t make difference to parser.

EDIT: I see you updated the file while I was writing my message. I’ll update the package with it.

EDIT2: Done.

My bad. I corrected the archive in OP removing the 2 pcx & with the updated settings.txt

Correction to the Settings.txt file in 0.74c in the attachment (it was sending to the old .pcx files from 0.73, leading to crashes in some cases).
Correction to 0.73c settings.txt.7z (1.54 KB)

Uploaded it to repository.

My new laptop runs in 1336 x 768 so you have to support it :sunglasses:

Why not edit the settings and the templates? You just need like 20-30 minutes, MSPaint and some trial-error work… :slight_smile:

Then you can post the info here as well.

Here is the 1336x768 support.

Edit settings.txt within the config folder. Make sure you DO back-up first!
Replace (at the end of the document):



1336x768 //setting specific for this resolution
			InGameConsole: maxInputPerLine=60 maxOutputPerLine=40;
			AdvMap: x=7 y=7 width=1130 height=714 smoothMove=1 puzzleSepia=1;
			InfoBox: x=1141 y=557;
			gem0: x=6 y=676 graphic=agemLL.def;
			gem1: x=1092 y=676 graphic=agemLR.def;
			gem2: x=6 y=6 graphic=agemUL.def;
			gem3: x=1092 y=6 graphic=agemUR.def;
			HeroList: size=10 x=1145 y=201 movePoints=IMOBIL.DEF manaPoints=IMANA.DEF arrowUp=IAM012.DEF arrowDown=IAM013.DEF;
			TownList: size=10 x=1283 y=201 arrowUp=IAM014.DEF arrowDown=IAM015.DEF;
			Minimap: width=144 height=144 x=1166 y=26;
			Statusbar: x=8 y=723 graphic=ADROLLVR2.pcx;
			ResDataBar: x=0 y=743 graphic=Z538x300.pcx offsetX=65 offsetY=2 resSpace=109 resDateSpace=447;
			ButtonKingdomOv: x=1215 y=197 graphic=IAM002L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonUnderground: x=1215 y=229 graphic=IAM010L.DEF playerColoured=1 additionalDefs=(IAM003L.DEF);
			ButtonQuestLog: x=1215 y=261 graphic=IAM004L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonSleepWake: x=1215 y=293 graphic=IAM005L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonMoveHero: x=1215 y=326 graphic=IAM006L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonSpellbook: x=1215 y=359 graphic=IAM007L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonAdvOptions: x=1215 y=392 graphic=IAM008L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonSysOptions: x=1215 y=425 graphic=IAM009L.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonNextHero: x=1215 y=491 graphic=IAM000.DEF playerColoured=1;
			ButtonEndTurn: x=1215 y=524 graphic=IAM001.DEF playerColoured=1;

And copy the files from the attachement to the Data folder.

After you add this piece of code to the settings file, do not forget to set the resolution parameter to the corresponding value:

resolution=1336x768; // format: WxH

I used the hex interpretation of the resolution to generate a temporary naming convention. (92.3 KB)

Thanks for this one, looks fine. Certainly it’ll motivate me to do some more coding on my new toy.

BTW, you don’t have to put down what I’ve already included in the manual :wink:


What manual??

This one. :wink:

@Warmonger: is it 1336 or 1366? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I can take it upon myself to set the propper GUI and settings, but PLEASE name the right resolutions. I am working on a 1680x1050 monitor so I will be able to emulate in window mode lesser resolutions. As long as they are correct. :slight_smile:

Ah, now I see what he meant. I was just making sure, however. :slight_smile:

The new resolution pack for the next dev. release is ready, now including also 1680x1050.

[size=75]Known issue: I cannot enable InGameConsole. I’m not sure if the issues are related to the content of the Settings.txt file (at least I don’t see why), but if anyone can figure out the cause of them, please let me know if any of the files in the attached archive needs an update.[/size]
ReslPackFor75b.7z (203 KB)

You mean the console that is already in 0.74 and 0.75 or the one written by ubuntux? The first one works for me.

The one written by ubuntux, which should be enabled by CTRL+1 I believe, to which the first line for all resolutions in the Settings.txt file refers to (I think):

InGameConsole: maxInputPerLine=60 maxOutputPerLine=40;

Actually that line originally refers to the console written by me. I don’t know if ubuntux uses these values. BTW, these values could be increased for higher resolutions - they are there to prevent large texts from overlapping right panel (the first one refers to statusbar input (when you press tab), the second one to those green texts).

Ah, ok. That clarifies it. It’s just that that line was added to the Settings.txt file around the time ubuntux created his Console, so I thought it was referring to that.

I have adjusted it for different resolutions and re-uploaded in my post above. If (any of) you want to have a look at the new lengths of the Console msg in different resolutions and give me your feedback (which could be longer/shorter), I can change it before the next release.

And a small issue with it: after we write the text, when we press enter, it is displayed twice - the text itself, then “Player 0 sends a message:…” followed by the same text. I’ve actually raised this in Mantis as #306 for follow-up.

It’s not a bug - it’s a feature :). Console print every message you type and every message from server - and when you type a message, server sends a message to all players that a message was sent (including you). I think it’s convenient when you type commands - then the server does not send the text of a command back. If we decide to fix it, we should do that together with a better mechanism of player - player communication (write to all (without the sender)), write to allies, write to foes, just ping back etc.).