New resolutions

You mean the console that is already in 0.74 and 0.75 or the one written by ubuntux? The first one works for me.

The one written by ubuntux, which should be enabled by CTRL+1 I believe, to which the first line for all resolutions in the Settings.txt file refers to (I think):

InGameConsole: maxInputPerLine=60 maxOutputPerLine=40;

Actually that line originally refers to the console written by me. I don’t know if ubuntux uses these values. BTW, these values could be increased for higher resolutions - they are there to prevent large texts from overlapping right panel (the first one refers to statusbar input (when you press tab), the second one to those green texts).

Ah, ok. That clarifies it. It’s just that that line was added to the Settings.txt file around the time ubuntux created his Console, so I thought it was referring to that.

I have adjusted it for different resolutions and re-uploaded in my post above. If (any of) you want to have a look at the new lengths of the Console msg in different resolutions and give me your feedback (which could be longer/shorter), I can change it before the next release.

And a small issue with it: after we write the text, when we press enter, it is displayed twice - the text itself, then “Player 0 sends a message:…” followed by the same text. I’ve actually raised this in Mantis as #306 for follow-up.

It’s not a bug - it’s a feature :). Console print every message you type and every message from server - and when you type a message, server sends a message to all players that a message was sent (including you). I think it’s convenient when you type commands - then the server does not send the text of a command back. If we decide to fix it, we should do that together with a better mechanism of player - player communication (write to all (without the sender)), write to allies, write to foes, just ping back etc.).

If I understand well what is about:

Sending messages to a specific player (ally or enemy) is already implemented, just type the message and press F1-F8. Also getting back the message you wrote is convenient to follow the further dialog.

so current interface is limited to future number of players equals 12 :slight_smile:
it would be nice support more players. I want believing in that 12 is enough :wink:

Interesting, where did you find that? And why it doesn’t work for me?

10 years of playing multiplayer. First Tab, enter text, then F1 for red player, F2 for blue etc. Works on ROE, AB, SOD, Heroes complete and WoG. Of course, to test it you need to select a MP mode (hot seat TCP/IP etc), or you want to chat with computer player? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it will be better to limit console not by symbols count but by string width (in pixels)? String “lllll” is definitely shorter then “wwwww”

Why not? :stuck_out_tongue: interesting idea for AI - response for some generic messages like “help me”, “attack hero heroname”

So I misunderstood you, I thought you mean it’s implemented in VCMI (apparently it isn’t).

Good idea, but it would make the code responsible for dividing text much more complicated.

Thanks for the tip, as I didn’t know about it. I’ve raised it in the Missing features & functionalities thread.

One question though (just to make sure I’m not missing something). When you say “getting back the message you wrote”, do you refer simply to the fact that you can see what you’ve sent (for a while), as in the screenshots I posted there? Or was it even a key that would “recall” the message?

That could be the subject of a complicated (and perhaps not very useful) mod. :stuck_out_tongue: “Attack hero xxx” would be a risky one (may mess up the AI completely:p). Something like “resources please” would be more decent, for which the other player would send the resources he has too much of. But even that’s not easy to establish (how much is “too much”). :wink:

Plus in practice, you won’t really get sentences with a lot of w’s, and without i’s or l’s to balance the length. A more useful enhancement for me would be a logic to avoid word splits at the end of the line, by simply moving the word that doesn’t fit fully to the next line.

I meant it is necessary to get back the message you wrote. Most people playing MP are typing in hurry and the message sent is hardly similar to what you wanted to type. Sometimes need corrections, thats why it is better to see what you sent. Would be a bad idea IMHO to remove this feature.

If done nicely it can be not something complicated. Look on H5 for example - it has such system in map scripts. But to make it we still need one thing: adventure AI. So this is too early to discuss this.

Back on topic - Zamolxis, can you update your config with the file in my attachment - case of files in your config does not match case of actual files = problem on linux systems. (1.93 KB)

Sure, I can do that. But just to avoid updating the archive more than once, are you sure only the Settings file needs to be changed? Because currently the case of files in my config are actually matching the case of the actual files (i.e.: AdvMap1.pcx i/o ADVMAP1.pcx). At least at my side under Windows. Could it be that when you overwrote the files, it kept the case of your original files (you can test that by fully deleting them first)? Or is it because under Linux file names are considered as upper case by default (and only extensions in lower case)?

Apologies for my lack of knowledge in Linux. I’m asking some of the above more out of curiosity for myself. I will of course update the package before the next release, I just wanted to better understand why do you see different cases on your side.

Source of problem is that on linux files “File.txt” and “file.txt” isn’t a same one.
I’ve downloaded latest package from the top of 2nd page with 1680x1050 res. In its config.txt all names of custom graphics are only in upper-case:
but file in Data folder are AdvMap3.pcx. As a result - system can’t find correct file. I’ve changed all names in config.txt to
to match files in config with files in data folder - so there is no need to change something else

Ah yes, it’s true. In the 1680x1050 package there is indeed a discrepancy in the case of the file names. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll try to keep this in mind when building future resolution packages. :wink:

But FYI - as I mentioned above, in the package from this thread there is no discrepancy, so unless new issues are found, it’s ready to be used for the next release. :slight_smile:

My personal vote is for 800x480 support. This is for Maemo and SmartQ V7 mobile devices (both running Linux on arm).

Moreover, I’d like to contribute (as I wanna play heroes on my SmartQ).

It may be somewhat hard to work in resolution lesser than native, since many H3 windows fill entire screen. You’d have to redesign them all and probably get rid of some interface.

Hi and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

I admit I was a bit surprised the first time somebody showed interest in a resolution lower than the original H3. But now I see why that would be useful. I couldn’t resist the tempting challenge :stuck_out_tongue: and I already created a first draft of the files needed for the Adventure Map. But that was the easy part. The problem is how to handle all other 800x600 in-game windows (I don’t know programming, so I wouldn’t even know how to start approaching this;). But I’ve opened a thread HERE on this subject, so we should continue further discussions on this over there.