New baseline for Linux requirements to Debian Stable?

Hi everyone. Recently Debian 9 stable released and soon there will be Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
Debian in particular include following software:

CMake 3.7
Boost 1.62
Clang 3.8
GCC 6.3.0

I want try to use Boost.Dll and other parts of Boost only available in recent versions so I want to know what others might think of setting new build baseline for current Debian stable?

We’ll also able to cleanup some of legacy code and stop looking at older compilers. While MSVC still going to handicap greatly what C++ features we can use I suppose project could benefit from this.

I do not like the idea of using more boost. But what about bumping c++ standard to c++14?

What’s wrong with Boost since we using it anyway and it’s not go away?

Two things I was looking for is work with dynamic libraries and might be another extension for RTTI that helps to extract type names in same format across all platforms.

I do care about too much heavy includes in Global.h

I suppose we can avoid it since parts of boost only really needed only for specific parts of engine.

All for this, but then again we need to set some baseline for supported Linux distributions and I’d rather stop at Debian Stable so we won’t need to worry about Ubuntu 16.04 for next 2 years. I had to go through many tricks with CMake to make build work with much older CMake and I hope to not do it ever again.

Just my 2 cents as Ubuntu 14.04 user: I don’t think that upping requirements would be an issue - manually installing newer version isn’t that hard. Currently got boost 1.64 running on my machine.

Would it be as easy for newer CMake, ffmpeg and compilers? If so then we probably should bump requirements and start using C++14 features as Alex suggested.

I’ll give it a go, and will add to the wiki as I go along.
Update: seems all good, see