Multiplayer Load Game

Multiplayer load game is unimplemented. I’ve been trying for hours to implement it, but seem to be rather lost. My first attempt was to pass some command line args to the vcmiclient executable. After hours of effort I was able to get it to work for the first turn, but the second player to go, well, as soon as he moves even a little, the other client crashes. It seems like, because loadGame is reading the file instead of receiving the map over the network, some function is returning NULL for the hero name.

If it would help you help me, I’ll find a way to publish the code without trashing my custom LLVM repository (which is in good shape).

I guess the only way to fix this is to fix those NULL’s… Try contacting Tow if he is around (all network-related functionality was made by him).

Maybe server should send his version of save/game data over network to all clients? This will mess with things like localizations (if server uses different language than client) but may help in situations where client has corrupted/missing data.

What exactly is missing on client? Where are the sources of those NULL’s? IIRC savegame should contain everything needed to run the game, including pre-configured data (e.g. heroes/creatures/town configurations).

I created a branch of develop on linuxrocks1233/vcmi called “multiplayerload” with my (unsuccessful) attempt so far at getting this to work. If anyone – Tow, you – who might know what’s going on could take a look at it, that would be much appreciated.

It can be caused by some data that storing as client’s data in *.vcgm1 files.