Mordor town

New town Mordor background is def

yes, it’s a modified city, but it’s not finished yet, I think it will look interesting when it’s done.

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Why not use PNGs (not 256-bit defs)? White borders on buildings look ugly.

I can’t redo it. I already tried it with different programs. white edges, just won’t go away.

moreover, defMaker and DefTools does not support png files only bmp.

You dont need DEFs. You can use json animation file as the def.

For example create json file with this content:

	"images" :
		{ "frame" : 0, "file" : "mordor/town-screen/buildings/png/Blacksmith.png"}

Place png file with transparency into Sprites/mordor/town-screen/buildings/png/Blacksmith.png for your mod.

but for buildings yes. and I don’t know how to remove the white and blue background for those. i tried a lot of programs and it didn’t work. could you please try it? I will send you the mod. and also I would need you to update it to version 1.4.5 thanks in advance.

On stage of bmp file it is late to remove noise.
It must be redone from source files and saved as PNGs.