Modding FAQ


Another question for modding system.
It seems there is some property “WAR_MACHINE” mentioned somewhere in spells.
Do this flag helps creature to get bonuses from artilliery/ballistics skills?
Or is it used some another way?


Is it possible to add a specialty “starting with expert skill”, like Adrienne has expert fire magic at start?


There are only schools of magic available this way, I think.


Any secondary skill should work with Adrienne’s specialty.

No. here is no such thing like “bonus from artillery skill” in general.
It only menas that war machines are immune to certain spells or effects.


But we can use WAR_MACHINES in limiters also to give em some bonuses, right?

Didn’t see Adrienne ability config. But think it’s different.

For magic schools I can write


and hooray - hero has expert earth magic, and it don’t occupy a slot of sec. skill.

For SPECIAL_SECONDARY_SKILL skill is required to be in slot. Or I’m wrong, and this also don’t need skill to be present?


I created hero wih bonuses to SIEGE_WEAPON.

	"warmachinesCorwin" : 

		"class" : "warmachinesMechanic",
				"description" : "Siege Weapons shots +4",
				"tooltip" : "Siege Weapons shots +4",
				"name" : "Siege Weapons shots +4"
						"type": "SHOTS",

And VCMI says it doesn’t know “SIEGE_WEAPON” limiter. What I have to do?

UPG Got with it. I changed “limiters”:“SIEGE_WEAPON”] to



								"parameters" : "SIEGE_WEAPON"]


Now it works.


Is it possible to create new faction without town? Like Neutral faction? What should I wright in the “town” column in faction.json file?


Just now it’s not possible to create faction without town.
I suggested to do “special”:true value to faction to skip its selection in start-up.
But right now only “neutral” faction can do without town.


It should be possible - if “town” entry is not present then it will act as neutral faction. If not - then I would consider this as a bug.


I checked - great, this now works (didn’t worked in 0.93, so I didn’t recheck it).

For example, this is content of faction.json. No other files is needed now for section “factions” in json.

    "specialsUSArmy": {
        "name": "US Army",
        "creatureBackground": {
            "120px": "USArmy/120px.bmp",
            "130px": "USArmy/130px.bmp"
        "nativeTerrain": "sand",
        "commander": "specialsUSMarine",
        "alignment": "good"


Now we can create factions without town - only with creatures and heroes in it!


I want to create new heroes with some artefacts (for example, hero with ballista or some artifact on start).

How can I do this?
In WIKI there is no section for artefacts or war machines:


How can I modify original Hero? I want replace Xeron’s skills and change speciality to upgrades Devils to Arch Devils(Mobile Upg. Forsaken Palace) and still get his bonuses to this Creatures…


I wanted to ask about composite artefacts.
Must i again write all bonuses from components of it?
Or i must only write new bonus that will come from it?

I’m asking because we have no editor and i cannot place new arts in it yet to test them.


All bonuses from parts will be propagated to combined artifact automatically by engine.


Hi, I’m adding some creatures to VCMI but when i start game, console show a lot of warnings: identifier creaturename is not in camelCase!. How I can remove this errors?


Check if first letter of Your creature is small, and if not change it to small one.



"creatureName" : 
	// translatable names
	"name" :
		"singular" : "Creature",
		"plural" : "Creatures"
	"level" : 0,


"CreatureName" : 
	// translatable names
	"name" :
		"singular" : "Creature",
		"plural" : "Creatures"
	"level" : 0,



It’s work thanks, I’ve got one question, is there any maximum total added creatures? Because I’ve got them a lot, but today vcmi give me some error. And when i disable one creture, error disapear.


How about possibility that this creature is buggy?


No, i disable one of your creature dowloaded from this site.