Modding FAQ


None known.

Battle AI largely/completely ignores them.
But adventure map AI does uses them.


I found tool Mon Power … ects=0&d=1
It calculates AI/Fight Values for monsters based on Attack/defence/Hit Points/damage values
(not all, but author swears it gives results close to standard).
Unfortunately, seems there are no sources, so these formulas cannot be reused in other programs…


Can someone help me? I was trying to make a mod, and I got this error:

23:31:33 ERROR global [11c0] - Resource with name CONFIG/KNIGHT/KNIGHT and type TEXT wasn't found.
23:31:33 ERROR global [11c0] - Disaster happened.
23:31:33 ERROR global [11c0] - Reason: 0xe06d7363 - UNKNOWN EXCEPTION at 0023:75C44B32
23:31:33 ERROR global [11c0] - Thread ID: 4544 [4544]
23:31:33 ERROR global [11c0] - Crash info will be put in VCMI_client.exe_crashinfo.dmp


This means that one of files listed in mod.json was not found (missing file or mismatching name).

Normally vcmi will load file with such name from “Mods//Content/config/knight/knight.json”


Thank you, Ivan.

But unfortunately, I have a problem now. I’m trying to make heroes for the Succession Wars mod for VCMI, and I came across a problem that many names are the same.

So when I made a hero with a class “knight”, which was actually supposed to be a H2 knight, he appeared as an additional knight hero in the castle faction. His specialty were H2 peasants, but instead he has neutral H3 peasants at startup and his specialty bonus works for them, I haven’t given him the other peasants to see if his specialty will work on them, but all of this makes the mod impossible.

Any ideas? :unamused:


If you add new heroes and units with new identifier, they will be added to the game. If you use old identifiers, they will be replaced. What is confusing here?


Well, not exactly. Overriding H3 objects works only with “core” prefix. Meaning that:
“core:knight” : {} // edits H3 object
"knight" : {} // creates new object with same ID but different mod-origin.
Works as designed IMO and quite difficult to change.

And using such ID’s in mod creates ambiguous references - “peasant” can be resolved to both H3 peasants as well as peasants added in mod. Right now such situation be “resolved” by random :frowning:
I would consider this as bug - triggering a warning if such situation is encountered is a better idea.

How to fix mod:
a) Rename offending object :slight_smile:
b) Select object from specific mod using scopes. So “core:peasant” will always resolve to H3 peasants. While using “knight:peasant” will always resolve in peasants from mod “knight”.


Can you tell me where can I find a list of specialties that are possible to add for heroes in the latest version?


Same place as always … onus_types

Keep in mind that it’s possible to use any bonus as hero specialty, even these which weren’t originally related to specialties. Many of them should work if only it makes sense.


Really?! :open_mouth: Because I was just about to ask if you were going to make some new specialties. I thought there were some specialties that weren’t made yet. I read that many months ago somewhere on google docs.

I was just about to try to make a hero who always has positive morale. Is that really possible? Can I really add SELF_MORALE as a specialty? I have more unusual specialties from the Succession wars mod, and I hope to copy most of them to VCMI as a mod. Some of them are pretty useless, so I might just not make those, like “starts with expert wisdom”.


This should work thanks to bonus system. All hero abilities will be surely propagated to the creatures in army. Not certain about artifact bonuses, but at least some should. Try it :wink:


Either I made a mistake or SELF_MORALE isn’t possible to work.
This is what I wrote:

"specialty": //always good morale
					"type": "SELF_MORALE"

And, why does VCMI report images in defs as missing? Is that a bug or what? This makes me want to extract files, even though the def has my icons perfectly aligned.


And I found that forge 0.6-fixed cannot work on 0.93c,either.
So can someone fix the two mods and upload them?


I think I can, but I don’t know where to download the forge. And I need to fix 2 more bugs with your preserve mod, even though it’s playable now, I want to fix it completely when I send it to you.

I’m also working on the succession wars mod, but I don’t know how to put all the hero specialties.


Can’t you just leave Forge town to Forge Team? They will update it when the time comes.


I just thought people would like it to be playable, if the only reason the mod doesn’t work is small changes that were made to the mod system. I wouldn’t change the mod at all. And I also thought that mod was dead before. I thought HotA team were the only ones that would make the Forge town.


There are some Forges exept non-released HOTA Forge.

I think it will do no harm, if you will correct some VCMI towns to make them work.


I wanted to ask.
What will happen, if there will be class of hero defined for “faction”:“neutral” and some heroes are made?
Will they appear in taverns in towns?
Or they will be only in prisons?
Or they will not be used at all?

I plan to create some heroes assigned as neutrals, with non-standard relatively big starting armies of hobbits/boars/etc neutrals


Theoretically this should work

Normally they won’t because faction “neutral” have 0 chance to appear in taverns (“tavern” entry in town/hero class formats)

Neutral heroes may appear in prison. But heroes in prisons are not random - they are set in map editor.


As I remember, they are random, if not set.
So neutral heroes will do what I want - will not appear in towns and will be as bonus chars.
Thanks for answer.
PS I think prisons are often useless (but have strong guards). Chance to meet uber hero will make them more useful.