Map pack for automated AI testing

So here is public release of testing maps that I worked on for about 2 months while I was on my winter holidays last time. I only had laptop back then and wasn’t able to work on code so did maps instead. I also tested them well against H3 and documented what H3 AI can and can’t do.

They should help greatly once we start to work more on VCAI with both testing new features as well as tracking regressions. Though I never had time to complete automatic test suite and I still have much else to work on. So I suppose it’s better to share them and might be someone else will come up with automation before me.

Some mess of documentation is available on Google Docs, as well as approximate test coverage table.

Maps descriptions likely to have tons of grammatical errors and due to H3M limitations might also be a bit confusing. All testing “flags” should really be moved in some JSON list outside of maps too. Yet since I not sure when I finally going to make it myself I release them as is.