Make game smoother with speedhack?

Has anyone tried Heroes 3 with Cheat Engine and used its Speedhack?
You can make the game work x2-x100 faster.
i use x5 and heroes movement at slowest and it works like a charm.
Is is possible to make a mod out of this?
Once you use it, you cant go back to sloooow :frowning:
i would happily donate in QMC (new cryptcoin)

PS! this is NOJOKE!

IF you want to speed up VCMI then edit settings.json file, by default on Windows it is in documents/my games/vcmi/config folder. Appropiate setting nodes for speed should appear after changing speed via ingame buttons. I assume you care about battle speed, so you can raise the value of “animationSpeed” battle setting to 2 (for 200% od default max VCMI speed, 3 for 300% etc.). If for some reason you want to speed up the whole game, then it is not achievable by mods, and not a feature in VCMI engine. I do not see reason for that though.

very sad to hear.
if you havent tried it then of course you see no reason for it.
try regular h3 with speedhack and you will understand what i mean -.- the smoothness that comes from it is just so fucking awesome.
without it, i feel that the game is sucking the life out of me cause it so fucking slow.
speedhack speeds up everything.
opening and pressing in menu doesnt lag, seleects new tabs in menu,skill,spellbook… tiny lag. even opening castle to build, it pops up faster and smoother then the regular. all the sounds and music stay the same whats really nice.
me and my friends just see sooo much positive stuff there. unbelievable that no1 else is seeing this :smiley:
its same as diablo1 was first made as turn-base game before some1 told them to remove turn-base and make active. “then i was like OMG”(words from d1 maker, ahah) or the new doom made with slower movement.
so i hope you try it out and see this from my point of view :slight_smile: try it with regular h3 not vcmi.
ty and good night :wink:

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