Late game save or map to test AI

I’m implementing Fleeing / Surrendering in AI but I’m also interested in other strategic/tactic aspects of AI.
I would love to have a save with some real-life, late-game situation where I can investigate AI behaviour in different configurations. Ideally, this would be a map instead of a save file, because a map file I’d be able to modify (or maybe anyone knows the way to convert one to another?). But saves are also ok.

Everything that you have and want to share, best with a short description is welcome.

For general testing of VCMI mechanics you can use this my map:

Also I have more than 1000 testing maps for VCAI that I never released since I never had time to setup proper test suite. If you wish to work on them I’ll put them on GitHub.

Eventually it’s should be possible to extract map from save file. We do have code in place for saving maps into VCMI JSON format that can be used to save random map.

With saves there is a problem though: some of map objects like monsters on adventure map irretrievably change their state during initialization. So either initialization of objects need to be reworked to preserve original state for future “export” or we need to code that will restore missing data during map saving process.

Yes, if you could share them that’d be great.

Released them on GitHub:

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