JSON question


I’d like to ask, if there is a possiblity to add new line characters to strings in JSON. I am talking about the launcher and field ‘description’ in particular. The objective is of course to have the possiblity to write something in points for example.

I already tried to insert ‘/n’, ‘\n’ but they do not work and it seems that the launcher ignores them completely.

Thanks for the reply.

Special characters like ‘\r’ and ‘\n’ do work - they are used for example in artifact descriptions (\r\n ).
Launcher ignores these because it uses HTML subset instead. Check this link to see list of supported tags and their basic description:
qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtgui/ … ubset.html
Line break can be achieved by
tag or you can create list with

    tag. Check some HTML tutorials for details.