iOS jailbreak vcmi

Hey I looking for vcmi or heroes 3 might and magic long time for ipad ( my ipad is jail broken iOS 7)
There is any way to download or to play vcmi or heroes 3 m&m ?

Any answers???

That’s all we have now it seems:

Ye I saw that , it’s doesn’t give me answer,
There is vcmi to iOS ? If yes how can I download and install it ,
If NO , why there is no? It’s under develop?

The idea of this port is to create an open Heroes3 engine which works with the original gamefiles and is easy to extend. To be able to create new creatures, factions, cities and so on. At the start of this project which is several years ago, there were almost no mobile devices on the market which were powerful enough to play Heroes3.

This is just a small, non profit, fan project which wants to improve one of the favorite games of the developers , which they play on a desktop pc. There arent hundreds of peoples who work on this project and maintain different cpu and operating system types. It is great work this engine runs on vanilla linux, mac and windows.

It would a lot of changes to get it run on ios and android and there are no people in this team who have time to port it. And I don’t even know if there are people on this team who even know how port complex programms to IOS and Android.

But this project is open source. An Android fan allready got it ported to Android by himself (with lots of work, not sure how well it works). I believe you need a very skilled ios fan to port this software to IOS. The software is open source and everyone can work on it and make it run on IOS. But it is lots of work and needs a very good understanding of modern c++ programming, network programming and process communication (between server and client). It is hard to find someone like this, who will work for free. And it is unlikely that a skilled coder who uses apple products works for free. I am writing my master thesis in computer science and I know only 2 scientists at my University who use apple computers at all. And both take a fair amount of money for their work.