Initial Development setup failing


Wiki is open for editing for everyone, just click on login and it’s will log you in automatically.
So if you can add some extra details about getting right branch with GUI that would be nice.

And yeah checking “recursive” is certainly required since we use two Git submodules.
It’s simply wouldn’t build without it.


Thanks again for your help and I will update the wiki with those few extra details. I am building the solution at the moment.


Nice that in the end it’s worked. I didn’t expected that GUI utility will ignore default branch of repository and go for master instead. :roll_eyes:

In case you need more operative advice on code feel free to jump on our Slack using link in menu.


I’m sure i will need lots of advice, it’s been a while since I have done any coding and will take me a while to understand the project. I have always been a fan of HM3 it was the best version made and I will be glad to help in progressing this project.