Implement cheat commands like Homm V

Hi! Long time VCMI user here, so first off thanks to all involved in this beautiful project.

One thing i loved about Homm V was the commands you could enter to cheat. @GiveHeroSkill(“Name”, SKILL_NAME); @AddHeroCreatures(“Name”, CREATURE_NAME, #); etc
I thought it was a flexible system, and I wanted the same in Vcmi. Ive tried to implement it myself and it seems to work. Just some string parsing using boost functions and calling into VcmiLib functions.

I don’t know if this is something you would want in your project? If so i could try to make a PR, and you could take a look at the code.

My goal are to be able to contribute to this project, but im pretty newbie with c++ and to be honest it scares me a bit :smiley:

We would like to have complete Python scripts. In fact H5 console handles Lua scipts, which is very similiar.

Hardcoding C++ functions into console is more effort than it’s worth.