Imperium town

updated imperium city. it didn’t look good. now it’s a bit more interesting, new buildings. etc. sorry for minor mistakes,. I’m an amateur after all.

soon it will be finished and ready for download

I am editing the whole thing and soon the city will be ready.

hi ALL

make your own city don’t touch my mod

sorry . I just edited the city, I didn’t like the buildings that had the castle buildings. I wanted it to look different. I also changed the units a bit. but naming it hell 2 is probably stupid.

these are buildings from heroes 5. but making a heroes 5 city look similar to heroes 3 is not easy. even in heroes 5 the buildings are in the air. The Imperium was a beautiful city but the city looked like a castle. That’s why I reworked it a bit. this is not 1 city that I modified only for my needs. Invent a new city and units that are not yet in the game. it’s not entirely simple. but I’m still editing it a little to make it look even better.

There’s a lot of white pixels around your visuals. I recommend you using background remover to get rid of background with good quality results. There’s also Photoshop + Firefly AI that could be useful.

i am an amateur bro I’m learning it. but thanks for the advice. I will definitely try it. Overall, I think the city looks interesting, this is a detail I will look at.

Is it difficult with imagination?

sometimes yes. because many cities and creatures already are. but the imperium had no buildings of its own. I didn’t like that, so I made my own.

it’s easier to ruin someone else’s mod

name your mod or read mythology
my name is Legion

how is this different from inferno??

how is my crypt city different from necropolis? Different buildings different appearance and different units. the same is with this Imperium. I think that the appearance on the map and the appearance of other buildings are somehow different from the original cities. both both look like cities from heroes 5. but have completely different units and appearance. but they clearly indicate the faction they have. that this is another city of the undead.

Ok I’ll tell you something when I destroyed your mod as you say. how was your mod different from castle city? same question. except for lvl 7 units lvl 6 and 4 practically the same units. 1 level pikemen, halberdeirs just in a different color and with different names. but in appearance apart from the color they look exactly the same. same to shooters from lvl 2. lvl 3 is different. but lvl 4. knights again. lvl 5 lvl 6 lvl 7 is different. the buildings are almost identical to the castle. except for 3 new units, it’s a castle-like city. where is the idea of this castle? it is a slightly different looking castle. what do the units of infernal giants, succubus and demons have to do with castle? Speaking of which? nothing. it’s just that you haven’t attacked other units to put in the city either. I could go on and on, but so what. I just ruined your mod, according to you. So yes, you made a mod, but until I remade it myself, it wasn’t very special or interesting. now it reminds a lot of inferno, but it has completely different units and completely different buildings. Even that city has a different overall appearance on the adventure map. And I did it quickly. Nevertheless, if you changed this mod more so that it was clear what faction it actually has and added a new look, the city would certainly look more interesting.crypt is another city of the undead similar in appearance to the city of heroes 5 necropolis. but it has different units and that’s what makes it different from the classic heroes 3 necropolis, as well as death valley. is a very well done mod. it clearly indicates the faction you are playing for and at the same time the building units and the appearance is completely different from the classic necropolis. so is this your Imperium mod now. I’ll send it to you, you can finish it, match the pixels, erase the contours, I can’t do that, I’m an amateur. and you can finish the city to a high quality. do you agree

Seems like there’s some kind of conflict right here. I’m not reading all this, but from what I understood @sumik25 you are working over an existing mod.

I don’t think there is any issue with using existing assets to work on a mod, to learn or to share with everyone (as long as you’re not stealing work and name it yours, without crediting the author).

Freedom is what makes modding cool. In heroes 3 or in other games. We should encourage modding.

However, if the original author of the mod doesn’t validate your works for some reason, then I think it’s fair to rename your mod – or to ask him permission to call it [original mod] (your_name edition) for instance.

There’s no need to fight.

That said, here’s a useful website to remove background and that should be easy for a amateur to work with :

thank you for a useful site. it will surely help me. Yes you are right. I could rename the mod, but that would steal the work. I just modified an existing mod for my own pleasure. I didn’t like how he was thought out without logic. it looks better this way. let the author finish the mod, I’ll send him a link. let him finish the textures and improve it as he wants. but this is how the city would look interesting, I think.

is there also on bmp? def tools doesn’t work with files other than bmp unfortunately.

your crafts look like drunken delirium

Zerg. answer me this what was special about your city? how was it different from Castle? when i ruined your work according to you

Guys, don’t argue. Knowledge comes in process. Maybe it will work out to be good town, it is already only name left of original mod, i think. How about Hades name?

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