I'm new and interested in modding

Hello everyone, I’m interested in modding heroes 3 for balance and from what I can tell, it will be a lot easier once you’re all done. So thank you!

What I’m asking is are you modding the game or not? The front page says you’re not but version .85 is says you’ve added exp for units so now I’m unsure.

Thanks in advance!

ps I’d love to help out too but I haven’t programmed in a while and I really wasn’t very good to begin with (I’ll be fine modding since I mostly just want to delete the cover of darkness code and fudge some numbers around) so perhaps I could playtest for you guys? It’d be awesome if someone could PM me specifically what to playtest but I suppose I could “dig for bugs” or whatever too. It seems like you guys are organized enough to maybe not need it but I really do want to help.

Hi Wake! I’m glad to see that you are interested in our project.

No, we are not modding Heroes III at the moment. We are implementing unit experience because we recreate WoG instead of plain H3 SoD (and it’s a core feature of WoG). Some people would prefer a SoD reimplementation but when VCMI is ready it will be easy for mods to just disable features from WoG.

Mod support is one of the latest things in our roadmap. It’s possible that VCMI will be playable in the following year but it almost certainly will still lack mod support.

Actually we still don’t have enough people to test VCMI properly. Here you can read about bug reporting: wiki.vcmi.eu/index.php?title=Bug … guidelines .

Nice, I thought that may be the case.

However I’m confused about what you mean by “mod support”. Do you mean “people waiting to mod” or I don’t even know what…Certainly you have code that can be modded…

By “mod support” we of course mean engine capability to load and accept mods. This will be added gradualy after game has AI and network multiplayer.