How to build andriod lib: tbb and luajit

I update vcmi to the lastest commit and find my android build failed. It seems that lastest commit use luajit and tbb.

My android build is using prebuilt so: . I dont know how to add the new dependencies. Does anyone knows how to do that?

I plan to investigate it soon and fix android build. In a month or something. Until than do not try to build it, it will take too much time because Nullkiller AI is not ready for Android I am pretty sure.

Thank you! I will use the old build before you finish it. Expect Nullkiller AI can be play in Android.

Building is also failing on raspberry pi. Is this the same issue?:

[ 27%] Building CXX object scripting/lua/CMakeFiles/vcmiLua.dir/LuaScriptingContext.cpp.o /home/pi/vcmi/scripting/lua/LuaScriptingContext.cpp: In constructor ‘scripting::LuaContext::LuaContext(const scripting::Script*, const Environment*)’: /home/pi/vcmi/scripting/lua/LuaScriptingContext.cpp:47:4: error: ‘LUA_BITLIBNAME’ was not declared in this scope {LUA_BITLIBNAME, luaopen_bit} ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /home/pi/vcmi/scripting/lua/LuaScriptingContext.cpp:47:4: note: suggested alternative: ‘LUA_IOLIBNAME’ {LUA_BITLIBNAME, luaopen_bit} ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LUA_IOLIBNAME /home/pi/vcmi/scripting/lua/LuaScriptingContext.cpp:47:20: error: ‘luaopen_bit’ was not declared in this scope {LUA_BITLIBNAME, luaopen_bit} ^~~~~~~~~~~ /home/pi/vcmi/scripting/lua/LuaScriptingContext.cpp:47:20: note: suggested alternative: ‘luaopen_io’ {LUA_BITLIBNAME, luaopen_bit} ^~~~~~~~~~~ luaopen_io /home/pi/vcmi/scripting/lua/LuaScriptingContext.cpp:48:2: error: could not convert ‘{{"", luaopen_base}, {"table", luaopen_table}, {"string", luaopen_string}, {"math", luaopen_math}, {<expression error>, <expression error>}}’ from ‘<brace-enclosed initializer list>’ to ‘const std::vector<luaL_Reg>’ }; ^ make[2]: *** [scripting/lua/CMakeFiles/vcmiLua.dir/build.make:120: scripting/lua/CMakeFiles/vcmiLua.dir/LuaScriptingContext.cpp.o] Error 1 make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:611: scripting/lua/CMakeFiles/vcmiLua.dir/all] Error 2

Looks like you have lua package installed. We need only luajit and no lua. Otherwise they can clash

Yesterday I got VCMI running on Android without Nullkiller AI and scripting. Hope next week will implement a github build.

wonderful!Thank you for supporting it. Finally the NullKiller AI can be played in mobile.

First daily build is now available without Nullkiller AI. Will continue with Nullkiller AI porting.

Android build failed.

When I type

python fixpaths build-cmake.

sometime is wrong.


ext-out is prepared and boost 1.68 is in ext folder

Do you know how to solve it?

Sorry, I forget to clone the vcmi code in ext/vcmi, it is empty. Now it is solved.

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