HoMM3 UI improvements

I’m looking at issue #204 and having some small thoughts about UI improvements.

  1. In HoMM3, when you put a hero with a terrain path to sleep, the move button is disabled. You can see it if you have no next hero for game to jump to. However, if after that you reselect the hero (select town and then him), the button is enabled again. I think it needs some consistency, I suggest not disabling move button on sleep.
  2. “Next hero” button is enabled when you have at least 1 active hero. However, wouldn’t it make more sense if it was enabled when there are at least 2 active heroes? There’s no point in hitting the button only to find out that all your other heroes are out or asleep, when you could just look at the button state.

What do you think about those? VCMI shouldn’t be too faithful to the quirks of original game, right?

I suggest quite the opposite - sleeping hero always have movement disabled.

This button allows you to find your hero when he’s not selected. Very useful on large maps.

What if sleeping hero has a path, why would you need to wake him to move? IIRC, just clicking again on the destination moves a sleeping hero.


Maybe the H3 behavior actually made sense: once you put a hero to sleep, the Move button was disabled (why else would you put him to sleep otherwise?). And browsing through the active heroes later on with ‘H’ or Next Hero button would skip that one. But when you actually click on him, it may mean you finally want to use it again, so maybe that’s why the Move button was enabled again… It’s just an assumption - I never played multiplayer with time limit, so I never really needed the option to test it thoroughly - so maybe those who did use it should give their input, but I just gave my 2 cents regarding how I would feel it could work intuitively.