Heroes3.exe ?!?

Hello all,

I tried to edit many parts of H3 and I succeeded in everything I tried, but when I tried to go a bit further, I pretty got stuck.
I heard that many parts of H3 are stored in its .exe file, so I gave it a go.
I opened the .exe using XIV32, I added my own strings and I saved it, but later the .exe refused to work.

First of all I’d want to know which program you recommend me to use in order to edit the .exe and still working after save.

Then I’d appreciate if someone would tell me where can I find the strings used for Heroes Specialities.

And of course, any other hints and useful tips will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Our project does not uses heroes3.exe to begin with. So we can’t help here. VCMI is a complete rewrite of H3 engine using c++.

If you’re interested in modding for vcmi - check here: wiki.vcmi.eu/index.php?title=Modding_guidelines
Best place to start is probably to see how existing mods look like and use them as an example.

Good, but then I need more info regarding VCMI because you gave me a recommendation but not an alternative so this is far from an answer.

I installed WOG 5.82F + Era II over SOD, then I installed VCMI 0.92 as it says on website.
I clicked on VCMI_client.exe, but then I started to have some problems and they are as following.

F4 to make it fullscreen doesn’t seem to work, so I have to play it windowed.
The button “Wog Options” is not clickable, so I can not edit any of WOG’s options.
I edited modSettings.json as following:


In order to disable WOG, but WOG wasn’t disabled at all.

VCMI seems to be wonderful, but for some reason it doesn’t work as it should, at least not for me.
Can you tell me how to solve all these?

  1. WoG options are not supported and we don’t plan to make it the old way.
  2. WoG is not fully optional as yet. Either way, you won’t see many WoG fetaures in game and commanders/ stack experience/ stack artifats cna be disabled.

Not sure about F4, but you can set it from inside the game. No need to hex-edit anything :stuck_out_tongue: