GOG.com version of Heroes III Complete

I tried installing WoG 3.58f and VCMI 0.73 on the Good Old Games version of H3C but the start of day music and map object sound effects were not playing, though the town music appears to work.

I think it would be great if VCMI could work with the GOG.com version of Heroes III Complete! :slight_smile: I understand though that it probably has a slightly different directory structure.

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Maybe some archives and/or directories there has diffrent format and/or names?
accent on some, because you got graphics to work which are from archive (the ones on map, the ones in castle)

do you have more dirs than data, games, mp3, maps, UPDATE, backup and folders come from vcmi?

what *.lod files do you have in data?
do you have video.vid, heroes3.snd, h3ab_ahd.snd in your data folder
do you have other *.vid and *.snd files there?

WoG 3.58f appears to work fine.

Below are screenshots of the GOG.com H3 Complete main and Heroes 3 Data directories, after installing WoG 3.58f and VCMI 0.73.

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It looks very … normal
only other naming of executables for main game

TRY: does normal WoG play these sound?

TROBLESHOOTING: there are some dll files used by VCMI - search the forum for topics about sound and video handling and check if you have all neccesary libraries

IF THAT FAILS: some functions are disabled in latest versions for avoid random crashes and for better finding errors/bugs in code. check svn changelog to see if your version of vcmi have something disabled with music/audio/video

Standard WoG 3.58f appears to work the same when installed on the GOG.com version of H3 Complete, sounds, music and all.

.dll files from the older version of H3 Complete, WoG 3.58f and VCMI 0.73 all seem to be present already in GOG H3 directories.

0.73 version of VCMI has sound effects (when installed on older version of H3 Complete) but not currently when installed on GOG version of H3 Complete.

I’d like to thank you for your help!

It would be great if we could figure this puzzle out. :slight_smile:

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Are all sound effects not present (new day/week sound, hero movement sound, sound of creatures during battles etc)? Are there any related warnings in console?
And - sorry if questions sounds stupid - have you checked in system options window if sound effects weren’t just disabled?

All sounds effects used by VCMI are stored in Data/Heroes3.snd which is present in your installation and obviously is not empty - moreover, it’s suprisingly big (more than 40MB compared to ~15 in my installation).

So maybe the gog version of heroes has diffrient files hidden in it. Maybe better quality of voices occupied change in format and extension? could you get heroes-type arhives unpacker and show what is in?

I have sent the alphabetical order directory listing of GOG’s H3 Complete Data\Heroes3.snd extracted archive to Tow, as it is almost 2MB when max 7-zipped.

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Ive got a polish version of H3 Complete. Instaled wog 35.8f

Creating console and logfile: 0
Loading settings: 0
VCMI 0.75 (client)
New screen flags: 0
Initializing screen: 62
Initializing video: 0
Initializing minors: 0
Initializing fonts: 0
Loading default system settings: 15
Initializing sound: 78
Initializing screen, fonts and sound handling: 93
Loading .lod files: 47
invalid string position
Disaster happened.
Reason: 0xe06d7363 - UNKNOWN EXCEPTION at 001b:7C812AAB
Thread ID: 67c [1660]
Crash info will be put in VCMI_client.exe_crashinfo.dmp
Disaster happened.
Reason: 0x

Would you like any more information on the differences between the original SoD/H3C and GOG.com’s Heroes 3 Complete? At this late stage in the piece (so long after the original H3 and expansions were released on disc) I think it would make excellent sense to make VCMI fully compatible with GOG.com’s version of H3C - for newcomers to H3 (and VCMI mod-making, later in VCMI’s development). :slight_smile:

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now i think the heroes.snd is really empty (dummy records only) on GOG
so i think they support sounds in external way to the normal H3 engine
(so the files are already alsewere and are played with some injected library or so and don’t by the original engine itself)

Could you upload Heroes3.snd somewhere ?
Your file is 42MB while mine from H3 complete is only 15MB, so there is something really different.
Maybe another snd file will work too.

I have same problem, this version:
gram.pl/prod_8gvjHu5_Saga_He … I_III.html

Intro shows for a while, then there is an exception.

VCMI officially supports only English version of game. Others may work or not work.
Try extracting that language files into Data/ subfolder: download.vcmi.eu/dataEN.7z - it’ll make your game English :slight_smile:

Pity :frowning: What about future? Do you plan to support other language versions? Do you plan to support internationalization at all? I think that support for translations in VCMI would be great. With some easy way, like xml or text files.

H3/VCMI already supports translation via placing .txt files. Actually that is what you do by extracting ma English language pack.
Different language versions have some differences in formatting that confuses VCMI. It should be considered as bug in VCMI and it will be eventually fixed.
(However it’s not top priority, especially since not all .txt files are parsed and during the development we still extend support for them.)

I think that you have to make base for i18n
i fail with ru version, but I would try again in holidays

Is it right, that vcmi must be installed with WoG?
P.S. Personally, I dislike WoG, and I play more in vanilla HoMM3 with friends

WoG tends to get frustrating if you more often play in Multiplayer (which I guess it’s your case as you mention playing with your friends). As unfortunately I have no friends interested in Heroes even a little bit (and due to my schedule, I’ll probably never be able to carry an online game to the end), I’m forced to play Single Player only. And for single players WoG is vital I’d say to keep the game interesting.

But I see what you mean. And VCMI will be playable in a format pretty close to the vanilla HOMM3. But currently it does require WoG to be installed in your Heroes folder. If you don’t want to mess up your main Heroes folder (because of the hardcoded WoG elements), I suggest you just copy it to another location, install WoG over it, and then VCMI.

I don’t know if on the long term there are plans to have a (larger) VCMI kit, which would come with all the files necessary, so that you don’t need the WoG installation. I guess Tow/TowDragon can confirm that.

We thought about preparing bigger pack with WoG files but the conclusion was that it’s not important as long as the game is not playable. Anyway, we will have to ask WoGteam for permission.

I just replaced my gog.com’s version of Heroes3.snd with a retail version of Heroes3.snd and all of the sounds now play, now i’m having the problem that though the sounds play…i get no music, and this game can get quite boring without music… any ideas?