Gentoo ebuilds for vcmi 0.91

I have added an ebuild here, so that the game can be installed on Gentoo: … ategy/vcmi

You will need to download the patch in the files/ subdirectory too.

I’ll commit your patch to svn later today. No need to keep it gentoo-specific. But you may want to come back on March, 1 - there will be release of 0.92 to fix some major bugs that made their way into 0.91

And if you don’t mind - I’ll add your link to our wiki here: … n_on_Linux
(you may edit wiki yourself - login with forum account)

elog For the game to work properly, please copy your 
elog \"Heroes Of Might and Magic: The Wake  Of Gods\" 
elog game directory into ${GAMES_DATADIR}/${PN} .

It is also possible to copy data to ~/.vcmi and/or use vcmibuilder script to install data from CD or installer.

I will update the ebuild when the vcmi-0.92 comes out.
I will also check if I can find a way to wrap the data installer into a gentoo package too.
Thanks for adding it to the wiki!