Genetate experience bonus type

I’d like ask a question if such a feature exists/is supported by the engine. It would work by giving a specified amount of experience to a hero every now and then (once a week/day etc.), therefore it would be primarily be a bonus for an artifact (or maybe creature). Similar like generating resources.

I could not find anything on wiki (looked through here) therefore I guess this it was not implemented; I do not remember anything working like this in oH3… or am I wrong and missed something? :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to support such a feature? To be honest, I’d like to use it for an artifact mod, therefore it would be nice if something like this existed :slight_smile:

  1. There are no plans AFAIK to add any new features with bonuses until scripting will be implemented
  2. there is no bonus “generate experience”

Uhm, experience is not a bonus itself. It’s just handled by same function (changePrimarySkill) for simplification, but experience value is never stored as bonus in first place.


Well, that’s too bad :frowning: Thanks for the answer anyway…