Forum issues

I come again with a detail which is certainly the last of your worries. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if this is in your hands at all, but the icon indicating user’s browser is still showing the Mozilla dino head for me, while I’m using Chrome for quite some months already. As a Chrome fan, I would be curious to see how many other users of this forum are using it as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s possible and should be quite simple job.
Now I really don’t have much time (end-of-term exams…) but I’ll look at this in a week’s time.

Thanks and good-luck with the exams then! :wink:

I’ve added Google Chrome (and Windows Vista as well) to the list of recognized browsers (systems).
Check if it is properly recognized in your new posts.

Working fine. Thanks! :slight_smile:

LE: It works only for the Chronicles layout. It doesn’t work in SubSilver. :frowning:


Another (small?) request: would it be possible to implement ‘strikethrough’ functionality on this forum? I would have needed here for example, when I realized I reported the wrong bug.

I’ve seen most forums have it implemented in the format, or as [strike]…[/strike].

I’ve added it:

[s]stricken text[/s]

Is rendered as:
stricken text

Thanks for suggestion :slight_smile:

Some issues regarding the SubSilver Board Style:

  1. Strikethrough is not visible because it’s white like the background (should have the same color as the text font).

  2. The Google Chrome icon is not loaded correctly (on forum posts; we have it though in Statistics page).

  3. Also the Windows Vista/7 icon is not correctly loaded in SubSilver.

  4. On the homepage, we don’t see the English “VCMI Project…” title, but a text in Polish that says something else.

[size=75]And on a separate note, for some reason (I don’t know if it’s only my PC or sth else), I have issues accessing the forum using the bookmark link (in all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Flock). Only by googling it I manage to get to the forum. And I also cannot use normal posting anymore, only Quick Reply. When I try normal PostReply or to access the forum from bookmarks, I get an error saying the webpage may be temporary down. :confused:

EDIT: Seems it was only my PC. A restart solved the problem. :-> However, if somebody has some ideas what may have caused that, let me know if there another way to solve the problem next time (other than restart). :)[/size]

New small issue with the Statistics page of the forum:

Some lines are now displayed in Polish i/o English (in the Age Statistics & Genders sections). It must be quite recent as I remember seeing it still in English a few days ago.

Seems the issue in the Statistics page has been solved.

I found however an issue with the ratings in the Download section. I gave an 8 to a VCMI release, and the average rating for it went actually down, from 7.xx to 6.xx. I thought I may have chosen the wrong value by mistake, and I rated another one. But same problem: I gave rate above the current one, and still the new average value went down i/o going up. The good part of it, is that this means in reality the ratings for the VCMI releases must have been way higher, and not what we see now in there. :wink:

Maybe our forum thinks that VCMI doesn’t deserve for such a high rating :).


Could it be browser related? In Safari, the rating doesn’t work at all (I select the rating, I click “Rate File”, but the rating is not updated).

EDIT: I see on this post that the Safari browser is not correctly identified, but it’s shown as Mozilla. I was actually surprised to see there are still so many users of the old Mozilla in the Statistics page. Could it be that many of them are Safari users instead? It would make more sense, considering the fact that Safari is like the 4th browser out there.

I found another browser identified incorrectly - SRWare Iron. It’s build on the sourcecode of Chromium, with the difference that it removes all the automatic uploads to Google, which increases your privacy and makes it a bit faster (so they say, because Chrome already loads almost any page instantly, so I wouldn’t know how to test a potentially even faster browser :p).

So the forum should identify it with the Chromium icon, not Mozilla as you can see for this post.

@Tow: I know you added the Chromium icon for Chrome. Was it an easy change or not really? I wonder if it’s something I could figure out myself how to fix, to spare you the time (though I doubt it can be done with moderator rights).

It’s not hard but requires FTP access and editing forum script files.
If you give me the icon, I’ll add it within a few days :slight_smile:

I’ve attached the icons for Iron & Safari to this post (couple of both to choose from).

Regarding Iron, it could have been included as well at Chrome, as it’s based on Chromium. I find it strange it was seen as Mozilla (which uses Gecko), i/o Chrome, or at least Konqueror, which are based on khtml. Perhaps the site doesn’t actually check the engine of a new browser in an attempt to place it, but just labels any unknown browser as Mozilla. :question:

Maybe you can also check (if you have time), why the Vista & Chrome icons are not visible in the SubSilver layout (forum only, as we can see them in the Statistics page).

The Windows 7 icon also does not appear in the SubSilver layout (just the Firefox icon).

Best regards,

Yes, it’s actually the same with the one I mentioned as Vista above :wink:

I actually don’t know why I used Vista i/o Win7, as probably most forum users with that icon have Win7, not Vista (or that will be the case soon anyway). Vista was maybe the biggest flop in the history of Microsoft and there’s a good chance it will be forgotten even faster than WinMe was. :wink:

EDIT: Strange, now the Win7 & Chrome icons are not visible anymore in the Statistics page also for the Chronicles layout… :question:

Having received several complaints, I’ve finally changed colors of quote and code boxes. I hope they’ll be more readable and better composing with the rest of board theme.

Subsilver icons has been hopefully fixed.
However I hereby declare that SubSilver is deprecated. It takes time to make each update twice. SubSilver never was popular here and having two different themes may be troublesome for users too (eg. when using special colors in the post - text may be readable in one theme but illegible in the second one).

I use SubSilver very rarely. I guess only when my eyes need a change from the regular dark background. So now it’s good to see the buttons are fixed (and also the icons). The issue with the text color is indeed a risk, but only if users go for a color edit. The only real (small) problem I noticed in regards to colors, is that strikethrough line is coded to be white, which makes it not visible in SubSilver. I’m not sure if making it have the same color as the text for that theme (i.e.: black for SubSilver) is an easy change.

On a separate note, I noticed the new browser icons in the Statistics page are png i/o gif. So I am posting here the png icon versions for Safari & SRWare Iron:

Yay… The SRWare Iron icon is added. Probably also the Safari one. Thanks. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Correction. The Safari icon isn’t working yet. See this post created using Safari.

Something else that I noticed in the Statistics page, is that since the move to the new server, we had no new instances of IE users, which is a good thing (ppl finally moving on to better browsers:)). Anyway, now that we talk about IE, I’m not sure if a png icon for IE8 has been set, so here is one if you need (to be of course used for all IE versions, not just 8):

And here’s a png for Konqueror:

Let me know if you need any other. I don’t know if we have forumers using other browsers. If the case, they could either let me know which browser, or simply provide themselves a link to a 18x18 png. :wink: