Forum issues

Hi. Is it just me, or in the News & Announcements section of the forum, there are no links to the root directories, but only a link sending us always to the VCMI homepage?

I haven’t noticed it before but now I can see the problem. Really strange. I have no idea what is the reason of this issue…

One more layout issue (no biggie, but still):

From my experience during the H5 beta, I know I tend to write quite detailed reports, which are sometimes easier to read if split in different posts (this is not yet the best example, but you get the idea). Or sometimes I report two totally different issues, which again might be better to have them in different posts. I know some forums apply this as a method to prevent spamming, but in case you don’t have many such cases, would it be possible to disable the merger of consecutive posts?

Ok, done. Now nothing will touch your posts :slight_smile:

Cheers! :wink:

And another request if I may: on other forums, when hitting “post reply”, you can still see somewhere below the last 10 (-15) posts in the thread. It’s quite useful if you don’t need to necessarily quote someone, but just refer to a few of the last posts in your reply. If possible, it would be nice to have that implemented here as well.

No problem, turned this feature on :slight_smile:

And again… Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Not sth bothering me in any way, but I just noticed it: in Preferences, the “Disable ShoutBox” option works quite the opposite as it’s supposed to. :slight_smile:

It should be simply renamed to “Enable ShoutBox”.

Same as the issue with the “ShoutBox” I mentioned above, there are a couple of other things that don’t bother of course, but I’m still curious about: :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I’ve noticed that in Internet Explorer (only), after I log in, I can’t see the Polish forums anymore. Is this meant to discourage ppl to use IE or what? :mrgreen: [size=75](don’t worry, I’m not a IE fan… maybe even the contrary;)[/size]

  2. Are deleted posts perhaps still recorded as “unread”? I’ve noticed a couple of threads which - even if I browsed every page of them - when I go out, the left “bubble” is still red, like there would still be unread posts in it. :-/ It becomes blue only after I choose the option “Mark all forums read”

The category labels are clickable. You should have " Polskie forum Topics Posts Last Post ". If you have clicked on it all Polish forums will be hidden. If you click on it again they’ll be visible. I don’t see any other reason why Polish boards can be not shown on IE.

Strange. It may be bug but I’ve haven’t noticed it on my profile. You’ll probably have to use a workaround with manual marking all forums (or only selected topic) as read.

  1. Indeed. When I clicked on Polskie forum I got it again. I guess I didn’t realize it keeps a setting like that in the IE cookies (as it was hidden only when I was logged in, and only in IE - so clearly it was not associated with my account’s settings on your side).

  2. Well, I already used the “Mark all forums read” for now, but if I ever run into it again, I’ll let you know which is the exact thread so that you check if you have the same issue.

Thx. :wink:

I’m having a log in problem since this morning: everytime I open the link to ths forum in a new window I’m logged out. I tried everything: I ticked “Log me on automatically each visit” and also told my browser to remember the password. However if I close the window, when I open it again I’m logged out. I’m not sure if the issue is with my PC or with the website, but I thought of mentioning it just in case.

I have same problem, so you don’t need to feel different anymore :wink:

Then it’s an issue with the server, 'cause I surely never had this problem before yesterday morning… :unamused:

Forum address has changed to (it was ). The old one is still working (but after logging in you’ll be redirected). But when you use old address (eg. from bookmarks) to enter forum you won’t be logged in.
Everything should work fine if you use only the new address, update your bookmarks.

Sorry for trouble.

Ah, thanks. That explains it. :slight_smile:

Bookmark updated and everything’s fine now. :wink:

Google still shows the old URL though, when searching for VCMI Project. Is that possible to change?

Best regards,

Not really, since old URL is still functional. But it shouldn’t cause any significant problems.

I come again with a detail which is certainly the last of your worries. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if this is in your hands at all, but the icon indicating user’s browser is still showing the Mozilla dino head for me, while I’m using Chrome for quite some months already. As a Chrome fan, I would be curious to see how many other users of this forum are using it as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s possible and should be quite simple job.
Now I really don’t have much time (end-of-term exams…) but I’ll look at this in a week’s time.