Files missing

Hello !
Running VCMI would crash with a segfault on my computer. I tracked down this one and ended up on : ZELP.TXT is missing.

This happens in CGeneralHelpHandler, at the very beggining of the game.
As I just get to know the project, I have no idea what it is.
Additionally, CGeneralTextHandler::load() will use other files too :

These look like descriptors. How can I get them ?

How about installing H3 complete with WoG? :unamused:
These are a part of original LOD package.

Actually it takes more than that because Loki Heroes 3 installer on UNIX doesn’t provide those files.
Are they on the official CD ? (I’m on an international exchange program, so it might be hard to get it)

If not, I think I’ll have to install the game on an emulated Windows XP to retrieve them.

Did you install WoG? It must be installed separately, it contains a lot of files used by VCMI.

No, they are in WoG installer.

Okay :slight_smile:
I’m having some problems getting a correct HOMM3 iso.
Could an unix user give me the its directory file listing ?

ln -Ra /path/to/homm3 > giveMeThisPlease

thanks a lot.
I wish I could get started :wink:


Shouldn’t be there ls (print files in directory) instead of ln (create a hard/symblic link)?

you’re totally right ! :slight_smile: