Dimension Door in custom resolutions

How should Dimension Door be implemented in VCMI?

  • Range limited to a rectangular 594x546 frame, the size of the Adventure Map for the standard 800x600 resolution
  • Range limted to a round frame with ~321.3 radius (corresponding to the 594x546 rectangle area)
  • Other (please explain in the topic)

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I never liked that DimDoor spell locks my screen. We can just pop-up a message “Destination too far from hero. Try again.” if player clicks too far.

*[size=75]Topic split[/size] and poll added.


I think a better idea is to calculate how far destination cell is and change cursor to standart arrow, while available cell will have usual dimdoor-cursor

Even maybe a mod suggestion - make an area for dimdoor more round (as hero scouting area) than a square one

AFAIK dimdoor spell in H3 is a special dialogue with an invisible message and spec.cursor which returns coordinate of a mouse, I think this could help

True. I never thought of DD. I guess it’s the only H3 element which will be unavoidably impacted by the new resolutions.

We have 2 options for it:

  1. As stupid as it might sound, but if we want to stay true to the H3 “range” of the spell, casting it could create some sort of rectangle frame the size of the 800x600 AdvMap around the hero (everything out of it being somehow blurred), indicating the available area for teleporting the hero.

  2. What I would however prefer, as pHOMM also suggested it, is replacing the H3 logic with a circular range around the hero. And we can debate afterwards how long would that range be (e.g.: a certain % of the total MP of the hero, if he would have the possibility to travel that distance on a straight line on a no penalty terrain)

This choice is difficult because many players, especially MP, won’t like any change in mechanics. On the other hand original behavior is not perfect. I think we should do either rectangle area like in OH3 or round area covering similar number of tiles. Anyway, we could make a poll about it.

how about a config file giving an area size and fields masks (so it can be any size and any shape dependent on the config file?)


Too complicated solution for a simple problem. It’d be a good idea if this masks were used for more than one spell. As long as it’s just DimDoor, simple flag in a config file is better. The problem is what should be the default option.

I’ve split the discussion and added a poll.

I voted for “rectangle area”, like in OH3. It’s the safest choice to avoid players complaining about the change in mechanics. And as an enhancement, the parts outside of this area in higher resolutions, could be blurred or grayed out.

That should be the default behavior. However, a very welcome tweak would be to have the round area as optional, for those who want a more logical behavior of the spell.

Original behavior of spell lis illogical and probably caused by technical difficulties or lack of smarter interface, which now we’re going to have. Distant area should be faded to black or cusor may lock when pointing too far, as it does in H5.

I’ve voted for a round frame. IMO it is better solution and like Warmonger wrote cursor may be locked if we want point to far.
Second thing that this change in mechanics will not cause the original H3 orthodox funs angry because in MP the DD is mostly banned.

Circle makes more sense, but even if the people demanding purity are fine with it for MP, is there a possibility it can cause problems with campaigns and other single player scenarios that have distances between say two island that rely on the old dimension door’s range? I think the old DD calculations are safest to have as default, with an easy way to switch behaviors.

IMO the best solution is take behaviour from H5:

  • Round area
  • Much smaller distance to avoid teleporting through all map in 1-2 turns
  • Some MP loss. Maybe made MP loss = DD distance? H5 behavior is a bit radical here
  • Flag in config file “original DD behavior” to make it work just like in H3 (for maps that require original DD)

Yes, you are right. I didn’t think about it. So it should be rectangle like in OH3.

I think both rectangle & circle should be coded anyway, but rectangle should be default (and players given the choice to change the default behavior from what will be the “VCMI tweaks” settings page or sth)

That would make it identical with Fly, wouldn’t it?

I think we should keep it same as in OH3. The main tweaks I would do are the circle range and possibility to teleport between surface & underground (which would make sense, but would also make it more powerful, so this enhancement should also include an extra MP or SP cost, or be associated with Advanced Air Magic skill for example)