Difference between Genius AI and Stupid AI, AI plans

I got just one small question what is the difference between the Genius AI project and the more or less new project Stupid AI? Why are several Genius AI players created when I start a map and always one Stupid AI player?

I recognized that the project file of the Stupid AI project lays in the trunk folder at the repository. This should also be removed. Just one small thing which I saw when I was commiting to trunk. =)

GeniusAI is an old, ugly and ineffective AI written by people who no longer work by VCMI. StupidAI is a battle-only AI written by me and Tow quite recently.

Because GeniusAI is a general AI that handles both adventure map handling (to a certain, very limited degree) and battle handling. Each computer player gets its own separate instance of GeniusAI. On the other hand StupidAI is loaded for neutral player who plays only battles.

Strange. It should be moved to appropriate subfolder.

Oh sorry, I don’t meant that it resides directly in the trunk folder but in the trunk repository. Now we got all project files (vcxproj/sln) out of the SVN scope except that StupidAI project file. If that file follows the same as the others than it would be fine. But I think it’s okay to leave that project file for the moment there until a zip package with all project files will be provided.

Actually Tow will maintain VS2010 project files on SVN (see [forum.vcmi.eu/t/vs-2008-project-files-to-be-removed-from-svn/361/1) ). He is currently updating wiki page about building VCMI. We won’t distribute project files separately.