Development version 0.90c

Adding new towns and artifacts is possible. Additionally, this version enables simples random map generator.

[size=150]Download link[/size]
Resolved reports:
Development log:
Manual: … manual.pdf

The list of available mods for new version is here:
It includes Cove town
and Witchking artifacts pack. Have fun with them.

Changes to 0.90b

- Fixed crash at new week
- Fixed crash at game load
- Enabled RMG
- Fixed starting coditions with new towns installed
- Fixed descriptions for new artifacts

Please let me know if there is something else to mention in changelog.

Since latest release large parts of code have been changed. It includes mod system, scenario options, objects, spells and quests. So much to test! :slight_smile:
Please report any bugs on bugtracker.

Any chances for linux rpm package?

Sorry, for answering so late. I’ll build a RPM package as soon as possible. (today evening) For the next time this should be the default, as it isn’t fair that only windows users can test VCMI before a release. I’m happy that someone is using my RPM package:) @Tow: Are there any download counts? Building the rpm package is quite easy, but requires some steps. I can write a wiki, but you’re a player so you shouldn’t have to do this step…

BTW is Fedora 18 x64 ok?

I’m using Mageia x64, last vcmi rpm package for Fedora worked smoothly on my Mageia.

Here is the link to the fedora 18 x64-86 rpm package:

Enjoy it!

I got this error during installation attempt:

Looks like i need to wait a month or two until release of Mageia 3 with newer libs