Development version 0.90b

Finally! Adding new towns and artifacts is possible.

[size=150]Download link[/size]
Resolved reports:
Development log:
Manual: … manual.pdf

The list of available mods for new version is here:
It includes Cove town
and Witchking artifacts pack. Have fun with them.


* VCMI build on OS X is now supported
* Completely removed autotools

- Simplified mod structure. Mods from 0.9 will not be compatible.
* Mods can be turned on and off in config/modSettings.json file
* Support for new factions, including:
- New towns
- New hero classes
- New heroes
- New town-related external dwellings
* Support for new artifact, including combined, commander and stack artifacts
* Extended configuration options
- All game objects are referenced by string identifiers
- Subtype resolution for bonuses

* Support for "enchanted" WoG ability

* AI will try to use Subterranean Gate, Redwood Observatory and Cartographer for exploration
* Improved exploration algorithm
* AI will prioritize dwellings and mines when there are no opponents visible

Please let me know if there is something else to mention in changelog.

Since latest release large parts of code have been changed. It includes mod system, scenario options, objects, spells and quests. So much to test! :slight_smile:
Please report any bugs on bugtracker.

Looks like some files were missing from package and there were also some extra ones, not needed. Fixed archive.

I still see some extra files:

  • config/settings.json
    It should not be present in release archives to avoid overwriting setttings changes made by users. Same goes to new file with list of active mods (not present in archive)

  • Sprites/main-menu directory
    Part of high res mod, not needed for release archive.

  • Data, Maps and Sprites directories
    Can be moved into mods/vcmi to keep vcmi-only files separate from H3

Only first one is critical, everything else is just to make it more organized.

One thing bothers me. Can’t load any game, there is some problem with identifiers.
Now I realized string identifiers are never serialized, you may want to change that?

It looks that some loading code made its way into constructor. Save games should be working now and still compatible with 0.90b

Not really necessary right now - all ID’s are resolved as soon as game loads and no longer needed. And I’d rather avoid any unnecessary changes before 0.91

My bug-fixes for the RMG for version 0.9.1 are done! The RMG is enabled by default, so any user can use it as toy for now:)

After some most obvious issues are fixed / added, I think it’s good to release another build.