Development build notice

I aim to release next development build on Sunday (Feb 23) evening/night. If you have any features / significant chagnes you’d like to get into the 0.95, please commit your changes possibly soon.

The save format changes remain allowed. However, I’d like to freeze it again after the dev build release.

If there are any particular issues you’d like me to take a look at / fix before the dev build, please let me know here.

Hey there. It’s been one month since VCMI 0.95. I would like to release deelopment build in a few days. Some issues to consider:

  • Are new spells functional and final? Can they be presented to users?
  • Are there any pending chages or unfinished features?

Also, probably it’d be good to release dev version before we switch to Github, as it will surely cause some issues with access, updates etc.

my findings so no one fixed? : ( old bag

Functional but not final. There is a lot work planned. Not ready to be presented.

How about sumbods system, Ivan?

One thing that got improved recently is AI speed. It could be useful for testing, at least. Anything else that’s worth a release?

But will they be in release, if development one will be published soon?
If spells are not final, i still want to begin work on them.

There is still some work to do (mostly in Launcher) but it should be good enough for testing.

Warmonger, what’s about the next development release? Can you say when you want to release it? I would like to build a RPM package (64 bit only) for testing as well.

I have a proposal to add 2 new states to the mantis reports:

  • ready to test (so that our testers know which reports can be tested with the newest release or development release)
  • tested (tested by one tester with various test cases, some test case suggestions can also be given by the developer)

So, one package maintainer has to set all resolved issues to ready to test after building a release.

When to expect next development build?
Will spell modding be included in it (in any state of readyness)?

Okay, the next development buold is coming on May 1st.

With Git now we can easily manage finished and unfinished features, so I’ll just publish current development branch.

Why you do not fixed the current bugs already? In the new version, they also remain. And then say format saves not suitable. (thus “error solved”) :neutral_face:

I’d like to release development build on 23rd June so we could test new stuff before 0.96 coming in July.
Please think about finializing new features and merging branches.

Could You please, ensure that in the next dev build Launcher will be Win XP compatible? I’ve noticed that Launcher works well in Win 7, but not in Win XP.

I’d like to release 0.96b within a day. There were lots of updates in package structure so they all need to be tested. Also, it’s important to update WoG mod for RMG but I should handle it alone.

Have you figured out why Launcher fails to work on XP? I do remember that 64-bit library that was included in release but was that the only problem on XP?

If not - then maybe it’s better to get MinGW builds from AVS/Mixaill?

Sure I’d like to see them.

I dontt have launcher build, so I cantt provide release build.

Hi, do You still want to check the newest dev build made by MinGW? I just built one…

Sure, just need Launcher for now :slight_smile:

Ok then, so here goes the Launcher. (161 KB)