Development build notice

I’d like to release a development build soon, possibly tomorrow.

  • Are there any critical issues with trunk ATM?
  • Are there any changes you’d like to get committed before that?
  • Are there any other reasons to wait?

I want to rush 0.92 as the bugfix release on 1 Mar. The 0.91 is too buggy too remain as the official release for another few months.

Spells are certainly very buggy, I’ll try to fix them in a few days. Still can’t get them tested properly :?

Thanks for notice.

I tried to reproduze that bug with magic arrow but it worked properly. Either it is fixed or there’s something more needed to reproduce it.

I do also have a little rewrite I’d like to make but that’s for later. (provided I’ll have time)

I played a few games and in some of them game freezes after casting (some) damaging spells, but in some it does not. Not even sure where to look at, need more data.

One note on packaging: all vcmi graphical files should be placed inside mods directory (was OK in 0.9 but not in 0.91).
Some of them (like quest window) use same names as H3 files - this causes problems when running original game.

So packaging should look like this:

  1. Extract graphical files
  2. Copy config and Mods directories from svn
  3. Add compiled binaries.