Development build 0.98g

Here is new build. Lots of fixes, minor features and a sneak peek of new map editor.

Editor is very picky on mods. To make sure it works, first delete ALL the mods from your folder (disabling them is not enough). Not very convenient, but it’s only alpha.

[size=150]Download VCMI 0.98g[/size]


* New cheat code:
- vcmiglaurung - gives 5000 crystal dragons into each slot
* New console commands:
- gosolo - AI take control over human players and vice versa
- controlai - give control of one or all AIs to player

* Drawbridge mechanics implemented (animation still missing)

* AI heroes with patrol enabled won't leave patrol area anymore

* Added Seer Huts with quests that match OH3
* RMG will guarantee at least 100 pairs of Monoliths are available even if there are not enough different defs

See list of bugs fixed in 0.98g

**Installation **

We recommend you first make a copy of clean Heroes Complete / Shadow of Death folder. Extract VCMI zip package there.
WoG is not needed. All recommended mods and files can be downloaded via Launcher included in the package.

Please report any encountered bugs on Mantis.

Great thanks to our new contributor vmarkovtsev for incredible effort on fixing bugs!

Cool. Will test editor than.
Will "[WIP] Feature/ambient sounds #195 " commit be finished before next version is out?

This bug should also be fixed in this build (and maybe some related ones as well).

Definitely. I’m just waited for map format to be merged since introducing ambient sounds and other sounds into map object config files require reasonable amount of refactoring of objects code.

Also don’t expect stable release soon since map format still require a lot of work. We may even have other development build if Warmonger going to have time to make one.

Marked it as resolved.

In future please make such comments on bug tracker or on github pull requests. Though we usually just give bug tracker permissions to anyone who contribute more than once. :wink:

AdveNNNture AI

and no 2016-01-01 on Mantis but in March :smiley:

I hope there will be new buid soon with buildings sounds:-)

I can’t find the source for 0.98g. It isnt tagged in the github repo. I’m trying to compile linux binaries.

Played XL+U map against 3 AIs and managed to finish it:-)
I must say that there was great amount of crashes during game, so I had to often load autosaves.

  1. game often crashes when my or ai hero tries to pick up Chests or Scrolls. Seems to be some bugs on randomization - after reloading crashes do not repeat.
  2. often game crashes when hero enters town. sometimes after reload crash do not repeat at same turn. Sometimes hero can enter town without crash only on next turn:-)
  3. Some modded spells stopped to work right. Like spell using “HYPNOTIZED” bonus, gives control on creature, by that creature can only walk not attack enemy stacks. And something with spell animations - spells with “big” animations (like Lightning Bolt) do not drawn when cast - seems that spells that do not fit to battlescreen are not shown at all instead of cutting nonvisible parts of animations.

Seems that some bugs were fixed, and other have appeared :frowning:

:open_mouth: OMG! That’s a goddamn VCMI map editor!!! :open_mouth:
The hype! How did you build it? Was it made completely from scratch?


Newest version of the vcmi editor can you get here:

They are outdated. New version will be after PR200 merge.

Is that in the .99 release?

Most likely not yet. We need to test new map format before release. Also map format is still not fully implemented.

So… Any ETA of the PR200 merge?

Okay, I’m back. What exactly needs testing?

Regression testing as usual.

With lots of recent changes and improvements, I think it’s time to release 0.99 this month. We can skip editor for a while and show people much more stable and complete game.

@Warmonger, you should review, after that we should freeze feature addition and major refactoring until release.