Development build 0.98d

Thanks to great effort of team mebers, especially AVS, we are able to present new build VCMI 0.98d.
Since last version 0.98c 40 bugs were fixed, especially in spells. Game now should be much smoother and reliable.

[size=150]Download VCMI 0.98d[/size]

Enjoy new version!

Please report any encountered bugs on Mantis.

is it only you and AVS that is working on Vcmi?

Sweet! I can’t wait to see what’s new :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll post any bugs on MantisBT I notice when I have time to test it out

It’s not that bad. In last month we had some contributions from Sandy Carter aka. bwrsandman, for instance.

Completely broken campaigns:

Sod - elixir of life - mission 2
Sod - specter of power - mission 2

AB - Dragons Blood - mission 4
AB - play with fire - mission 2

RoE - long live qeen - mission 2
RoE - dangeons and devils - mission 3
RoE - Spoils of war - mission 3
RoE - Son for the futher - mission 2

Povelitel what problems do you encounter?

Obviously, it is impossible to continue this mission (server crash)