Development build 0.98c

This version has little features, but should keep you up with recent changes. The most signifiant improvements are Random Map Generator roads and templates handled by mod system. There is a number of templates in “VCMI Essential Files” submod and of course you can create and share your own.

Of course, there still were some bugfixes and feature improvements.

Download VCMI 0.98c

See list of fixed bugs

* Dropped support for SDL1

* Thieves give permanent Vision effect

* Roads!
* Templates are now handled via mod system

Enjoy new version! Report any encountered bugs on Mantis.

So, tried 0.98c, and this is what happened. How can I get there? Is it a bug?

There are some redundant libraries in package: “BINKW32.DLL” “MSS32.DLL” “SMACKW32.DLL” “era.dll” “eramap.dll” “dpwsockx.dll” “ifc20.dll” “icuuc51.dll” “icuin51.dll” “icudt51.dll”

Thanks, fixed. The package got lighter by the way :slight_smile:

Sorry, need to recheck, reported too much “redudndant”

“icuuc51.dll” “icuin51.dll” “icudt51.dll” are required for launcher

Never trust anyone at 6 am :unamused: Of course they are.

Hi all.
Why jebus create only +underground map? (L size.) Usualy he create and played NO underground, what made this binding ?

This is how it is configured now:

"minSize" : "l+u", "maxSize" : "xl+u",

It seems that the project is coming to its final, dying. Very sorry. Bugs are more and more, may not play. Whether due to lack of testing, maybe because of lack of time, or omitted because of the lack of skills to fix it. I do not know because of what, but it’s unplayable. Every third card I leads to a start on the first run, in virtually every map there is a critical error that will not give in to finish the game. This is not a normal condition for release. And there is no difference in them, or they test for all. And Mantis longing. Yes, sadness, and had quite a bit. A little bit not reached.

Stability and bugs fixing will be an issue, when all original mechanics and modding engine are implemented. I hope this will be to 1.0 release.
I am guilty also, I wanted to work on code, but still get no free time to code or even to prepare MSVS and additional libraries.

I think it is unfair statement.

I have tried 0.97 and noticed no bugs at all on a random map.I have finished it without problem . Engine is almost ready, most of things are there. Last big missing feature is good Ai.

Also it is far from dead . As long as this project has dedicated devs it is not dead . Recently we got a big feature random map generator so how can you say it is dead or dieing ?

Looks like Povelitel was in bad mood:-)
Random crashes on map are happening (when visiting some objects, or picking chests). But reload helps (I think it’s something broken with random numbers generator).
Bugs happen also. Mostly they don’t prevent map from ending. Last bug prevented game from ending I saw was enemy hero eternally going up and down in Subterra gate :mrgreen:

VCMI in current state is playable game with bugs. Still lots of flavor things to do to make it feel like original H3. For example black screen for a short time when entering / leaving town or battle. I would help but I know very little about C++ and it’s not on my “to learn soon” list.

The last time I really went and played a whole map was, I believe in 0.95 or 0.94, and it worked pretty fine back then. It didn’t have RMG though, but it was good. I even played campaigns for a bit when they were released, everything worked fine back then, except the placeholders.

C++ is on my “to learn soon” list :stuck_out_tongue: I am learning C right now, but I also have to learn maths, physics and pass some exams. So I hope that I might be able to help if I get some time.

I know C, and I know how classes and inheritance works in C++ but I have completely zero knowledge about templates and standard library. I focus on C# at the moment, and learning few different stuff at same time is not a good idea.