Development build 0.98b

We had a plenty of improvement over last month:

  • AVS fixed a number of bugs related to spells
  • RNG was improved, maps obstacles are now better ranodmized and more natural
  • Fixed a number of issues which made AI wander aimlessly

Download VCMI 0.98b

See list of fixed bugs

* Fixed AI trying to go through underground rock
* Fixed several cases causing AI wandering aimlessly
* AI can again pick bets artifacts and exchange artifacts between heroes

* Changed fractalization algorithm so it can create cycles
* Zones will not have straight paths anymore, they are totally random
* Added Thieves Guild random object (1 per zone)


not wanting to be a nitpicker, but it surprised me that the name of the topic is “0.98d”…isn’t it a bit too early for that?

Thanks for notice.

Is it correct to apply new version (0.98b) by just simply copying new files over the older version (0.98) or is it better to start from fresh Heroes 3 folder?

As far as I know, no files were added or removed, so it should work to simply overwrite old install.