Is there a cfg somewhere in the root that would enable me to activate the town demolition part of the WoG module? You know, the one where you can destroy the town hall and choose to rebuild a different castle.

No, it is not implemented. The only use of “razeStructure” is to destroy Capitol if we conquer towns with more than one.

I wanted to include town migration in legends, at some point.
However I think that WoG way to do it was complicated and not intuitive. I mean without reading the manual one wouldn’t know what for the building demolition is and what will happen when you demolish all of them. Also this feature was somewhat game braking for smaller maps. Getting ghost out of it was another bad idea balance wise :P.

I actually liked how it was done in H6. There was a button in the town interface for migrating town if it wasn’t native one for a player. The town was migrated for a price while keeping main buildings like capitol, castle, mage guild and creature dwellings. The only demolished buildings after migration were the special ones (mana vortex, library etc.).

Anyway either way it would be nice to see this feature in Vcmi :slight_smile: