Creature weeks mechanics

There’s an extract from Strategija and related issues which I would like to discuss:

Week events:

  1. No growth weeks happen with 75% probability, while +5 growth weeks happen with 25% probability. As a consequence, there is a 0,2% probability for a specific creature +5 growth week (there are 126 possible creatures in total).

  2. There can never be a double growth week.

  3. There can never be a week of neutral creatures. - odd, but let it be

Month events:

  1. No growth months happen with 50% probability, double growth monts happen with 40% probability, and plague months happen with 10% probability.

  2. Only the following creatures may experience double growth: - what about Conflux and additional towns possible to add in the future? Also, keep in mind that WoG allowed weeks and months for all types of creatures.
    Fortress: Serpent Fly
    Fortress: Lizardman
    Castle: Griffin
    Rampart: Centaur
    Rampart: Pegasus Tower: Gremlin
    Stronghold: Hobgoblin
    Stronghold: Wolf Rider
    Inferno: Gog
    Inferno: Imp
    Dungeon: Troglodyte
    Dungeon: Harpy
    Necropolis: Wight
    As a consequence, there is a 3,3% probability for a specific creature double growth month. The only exception to the rule is when Grail is built in an Inferno town: all the following months will be Imp double growth months.

  3. There can never be a +5 growth month.

If you happen to get a Week/Month of unapgraded creatures whose dwelling you already upgraded in your town you will not receive a bonus. - bug? In Heroes Complete you may recruit both creatures

Plague months have the following characteristics:

  • All unpurchased creatures are cut in half, rounded down.
  • All dwellings produce 0 creatures (exception below).
  • Any dwelling which has horde building built is immune to the effects of plague. - supposedly a bug
    Thus a Castle with a Griffin Bastion produces Griffins normally. Similarly with Dwarves, Dendroids, Imps, Cerberi, Skeletons, Gnolls, etc

Additional issue I noticed is that Grail building does not affect +5 / +15 growth, which is applied after anything else. I think that it should be applied after Statue of Legion and before Grail, which is supposed to affect all other modifiers. Additional, in OH3 growth coming from current week is not displayed at all in castle interface. It hurts especially when there’s Deity of Fire built.

Even though WoG behaves differently, I’d consider it to be a feature. I think we should add new bonus type SUBJECT_OF_DOUBLE_GROWTH.

Looks like a bug.

Strange. It could be a feature, I think we should ask MP players what is the desired behavior.

Everything what is written in Tribute is ok.

Because in WoG it is changed.

Ofc it is not a bug.

Ofc it is right. So before end of the month you should build all horde buildings and buy all other creatures.

Bug, I’d say. In upgraded dwelling you have both types of creatures…

IMHO a feature.

It hurts only then and in every other case would be misleading. Extra growth would be displayed during the week AFTER it occurred. Since the probability that we will have two same creature extra growth weeks is tiny, the real growth would be practically always different from shown in GUI.
IMHO the purpose of GUI here is to give player a number of creature expected to appear at the beginning of the next week, not the number generated at the beginning of this week.

It doesn’t have to be a bonus - it doesn’t need to be propagated nor have any meaningful value. Don’t bloat the system. [Iterating over all creatures, and checking whether it has or inherited that bonus would be wasting time anyway.] I’d just go with the config file and vector of available creatures somewhere in the code (creature handler?).

I’d try to keep to the original mechanics.

Since there seems to be no pattern to the creature weeks, other than having 1-2 occasions for the weaker creatures of a faction, it would have to be added manually by modders. A list/set of creature IDs would be the best, in WoG mode this list would then be filled with all creature IDs available.

Also, week of plague does not affect Portal of Summoning, which is imho a bug.

Guys! Why do you think that something is a bug in this issue? All additional buildings which add units to normal growth prevent from plague.
"Creatures in external dwellings and Portal of Summoning still grow regardless of plague. "
Balance in OH3 not only refers to units statistics but also important are additional buildings like in Dung the Portal of Summoning.