Crash at loading

Hello, I used to play heroes on my pc long long time ago, Recenly I found this project, I was like - omg heroes 3 for android phones!!. I managed to make the game start everything works fine until I press ‘begin’ then black screen appears for couple of seconds and it just goes back to phone screen, I m using zte blade stock 2.2, hope you can help. (Btw love what you guys are doing for us by porting and fixing this game, for your hard work!) Also my phone screen is only active by warm, and most of the buttons are so tiny, maybe there could be some kind of zoom system (I saw that zoom box) but it’s not enough it only shows where your mouse is but it doesn’t let to touch zoomed buttons.

Android port is not finished and none of team members are working on it.

Wait, what was this port made for in first place, if not for android? Also are there going to be some fixes for android anytime later?

I think we should consider placing a big banner saying “Blame pelya for not working Android port. He’s not here.”. Or rename the project (“VCMI, but not for Android” sounds not that bad).

Now I m really confused, so what is this game port for?..

All the info is there. I even mentioned Android port in last manual. But just hundreds of news scattered all over internet are misleading and overhyped.

[quote=“Ju[s]tice”]Now I m really confused, so what is this game port for?..

Hi Ju[s]tice and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately though it seems you didn’t find what you were looking for.

The aim of this project is to re-write the game code for PC, to get rid of the modding limitations the WoG team encountered due to not having access to the source code. As the project is open source, different amateur coders and Heroes fans took the initiative of building ports for other platforms. Nothing wrong so far, except for the fact that they published these ports on other websites, without clearly specifying that they are (often) not fully functional in porting what we have to that platform, that what is ported is a project “in the works” (still pretty far from final) and that the port is not supported (yet at least) by any member of the developers’ team.

The publishing of these ports was done in good will and out of enthusiasm, perhaps also in the hope that would draw attention of other coders/fans to join the project (either to help the project itself, or to polish the port to a certain platform). So I don’t want to criticize it too much. But the downside of the bad communication around it, is that every now and then we get bug reports like this, for something that is not part of the scope of the project (again, at least not yet), which I can understand can be quite a bummer.

FYI - The Android port is discussed on the forum in THIS THREAD, so you can address your questions and support to the author there. I believe such initiatives are great and as long as the authors cannot have a proper place to discuss them, they can have one here. But in return, we kindly ask that they’re more clear about the nature of the project and, if they link back to this forum for support, they should link directly to the one thread discussing the port and ask users to give all their feedback in that place only.

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Thank you for this info, it’s very useful, and I m hoping there will be ports to other platforms from your side in the future, but it’s up to you, thanks again for pointing me to the right direction.