I cant get VCMI started :(

When i start the VCMI it just turns black and go back to the home screen. I have downloaded heroes 3 and put it in to app-data eu.vcmi but nothing happends everytime i start it is like the first time you start it.
Am i doing anything wrong? Please help me i just wants to play some HOMM3 :smiley:

Hi Petrus,

Unfortunately the Android port was a private initiative, not supported by the team of VCMI programmers and published on external sites (with links to this forum) without checking with us. For more details READ THIS.

Have you installed WoG add-on? It has to be installed over original game for VCMI to work. It’s true even on Android I believe :slight_smile:

Do you know any where you can download the game and the add on? And thanks alot for your replies:)

the game you can buy for 5$ or 5euro or even less on the used game market
i don’t think pirateware links are allowed here :stuck_out_tongue:
but if you search a bit you easily can find one, even with WoG already on the deck
and there always gog.com (the digital distribution site)

if you get oryginal game, you need to download WoG (In the Wake of Gods) as it’s made by H3 fans (mainly by one hacker named Slaava) and can be acquired legally with no payment
if you don’t want search yourself it can be downloaded from acidcave.net (website partially in Polish, it host both oryginal version (EN/RU) and polish patch… it has even the patch to make original game data english - if you were some CZ, NL or something)

to install WoG you have to have Windows Enviroment (because of installer) so use windows or try hard with wine (i think if you own license for original game copy it’s legal for you to download a pirate copy with wog already on it - but you need license for H3RoE+H3AB+H3SoD together or some combo like H3Complete, else you are fighting with law)

Cant anyone post a video on the tube on how to get vcmi started from scratch i think that would help many noobs like me to undetstan haha:-) and if you can please tell me when the vid is posted:-D

@ majaczek: Not only links, but anything ‘pirateware’ is not to be encouraged here, including advising ppl to “search a bit” instead…

I don’t want to sound cheesy, but H3 is such a masterpiece of a game, that is feels to me almost indecent for a Heroes fan to find it too much to spend less than 10 bucks for it, that is less than 1 $/€ for each year since the game is out and probably played each year, unless we’re talking about a 3rd world country where 10 bucks is still a load of money that can feed your family for a week or more.

There are two very cheap possibilities to get the game out there:

  • The “Heroes Of Might And Magic III & IV Complete (Double Pack)”, a double DVD Ubisoft release (and re-released by MAD & other re-packers), which can be found in stores or online shops (got mine at play.com) for prices ranging between 5 and 10 bucks, which is an incredible deal for both games and all their expansions IMO
  • Or the gog.com version, 10 bucks for H3 only (or less if you wait for sales), but still a pretty good deal if you can’t purchase the previous due to your location or if you simply prefer to save yourself the time to scout shops or wait for a shipping

@ Petrus: Are you still inquiring about the Android port or the PC version?

  • if about Android, then read my previous post again: we don’t support it. At least not yet. I don’t even own an Android phone to attempt an installation, and last time this was brought up, I believe none of the devs had one (at least not one with the 800x480 resolution, to support Peyla’s Android port of VCMI)
  • if you ask about the PC version, check the Wiki page of our forum (find the link to the manual for more details). VCMI is still in alpha stage. Vids for n00bs are done for final products. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but currently the project needs talented coders and dedicated testers to move on, and preparing tutorials for players (even if we had the time for it) would not really be an added value at this stage.

@Zamolxis :

On the other hand None of the authors of HoMM3 will get money if you buy HoMM3 now. If one hates new Ubisoft version he should think before buying (or buy the cheapest option) as this is where the money will go.

By no means I’m encouraging to torrent or look for this game by “other” means, though.

You have a point there, though at ~7 € for a double DVD I don’t think there’s much that goes in Ubi’s pocket. And you can also see it somehow differently: with every copy of H3 sold, it should remind them how great that game was, as opposed to H5, which I wonder who would still buy it…