Const fixes

Attached are patches from this pull request:
I’m not quite sure if I should post patches here, I couldn’t find info on your wiki. Also, extension “patch” is not allowed, bummer :(. Where is default place to post patches?
It would be really nice to use VCS’ EOL translation capabilities, but to have that, files in repository should have LF endings. I’m not sure if there is anything to configure in svn, but in git it comes by default.
Please, move to git :slight_smile:
0002-Replace-bmap-with-C-11-s-std-map-improve-project-con.txt (70 KB)
0001-Fix-line-endings-in-files-to-be-modified.txt (1.8 MB)

Done, I’ve committed bmap -> std::map switch as well as another pull request from you - I can change those two lines without a patch.
One note - it seems that you’ve tested this in release mode so you’ve missed two cases where operator] was used in assert statements.

As for line endings - not sure, see below.

Usually on forum. Some people post patches as issues on bugtracker - don’t see anything wrong with that, but forum is our primary place for any discussions.

I can run dos2unix on all our code and commit results to svn. Not sure if this is a good idea though - this will be quite a big patch and may give a lot of “fun” to everyone who have any non-committed changes.

That’s great news, thank you! I’ve closed the pull requests on github with a comment.

Ah yes, indeed, I’ll try to keep that in mind next time.

Yeah, I see that can be dangerous in svn, unlike in git :wink:
Maybe announce that such change is to come then at some specified time so everyone can brace themselves? If you were to do that (which would be totally awesome, by the way), make sure that you also indicate that these files are text and should have EOL translated, if that’s required for svn.