Congrats to the VCMI team!

I just wanted to show my support to a project that could become and amazing achievement!


Even I said that, I’ll say again…Great Job! :wink:

I love WoG as it is. Needless to say I fully support a project trying to take it even further. Congrats and thanks for this great innitiative!

I’ll see if I manage to find time to help with the testing (…if I do, it’ll be a pleasure) :slight_smile:

PS: Love the forum layout/theme. I already feel “at home”. :wink:

Thank you all for the kind words, an important thing for us is to know that our project is needed and has your support. It’s motivating us even more :slight_smile:

Welcome, and nice that you start this project.
It will be greate when this project will be released

many thx to you, greetings again
see ya


P.S. Jeżeli moja pomoc byłaby w którymś momenci potrzebna, chociaż wątpię, to oferuję. Jestem programistą baz danych (MSSQL, IB, FB + DELPHI jako platforma)

Actually it has been already released… :slight_smile:

Na razie nie potrzebujemy programistow baz danych, ale mimo to dziekuje za gotowosc pomocy.
Natomiast kazdy moze pomoc poprzez testowanie :slight_smile:

Hi to all members of VCMI project. That’s incredible effort from the whole team and i salute you guys for that!!! Please keep up the good work & hope i can contribute in some tiny ways to the success of this game! Cheers! SH :slight_smile:

Very good work! I can help(i know C++, lua) , but i bad know English(and Polish). If project be in progress, it overwrite Heroes.

The screenshots look promising, however I didn’t manage to open the Application.
Any special requirements to run?

Wog 3.58f, english version w/o patches

this is awesome, i am really looking forward to the point where the game will be fully playable. hopefully you’ll even find a way to add new playable towns. can’t wait for the next release

I am just too exited about this project! Heroes 3 is by far the best heroes there is and this will cover all the dissapointments of those new games. I could not eaven play HOMMV.

I hope they dont get any idea of trying to shut you down with legal issues.

Anyway big gongrats from me too. Exelent job so far, keep up the good work!
I’ll try to contribute as much as I can.

P.S Where are these projects orginated? Where are you from exactly?

Nobody has told us to abandon this project and I AFAIK VCMI is absolutely legal. Actually WoG could have more problems with legal issues (but doesn’t have ;]).

VCMI is being developed and currently we are making tests of new version with much improved towns and first parts of battles.

We are from Poland (and it’s why a part of this forum is in Polish).

Thats good to hear, its a shame how many good projects have fallen down.

However, after you are done with this. There will be no need of buying any new HOMM game.

there will be need to buy heroes -> original heroes3 for data and graphics
but there’s no problem, but as you read the team of vcmii are developing the engine only

@bout programming
I can create programs in c++ (with some limits) i can write very base lua and i’d like to help

PS: I’m polish too (i’m from poland), but always i’m runseeking english-typing forums

i have forgotten to say great work and good luck

Just wanted you guys to know that I’m a big fan of both heroes3 and your project. I check your webpage every now and then to see if you’ve made progress. This is probably my only post here, so I just want to say that there are people waiting for your project to develop and respect your effort, even though they don’t post here.

I wish you succes and a lot of fun with this! Chears!

Thanks for support! :slight_smile:

I am trying to download the wogification for my Heroes 3 game. I can’t find it anywhere except places where I have to pay for it. I thought it was free. Can someone help me please?


Hi Brutus & welcome to the board. :slight_smile:

WoG is indeed free. Here you can find the main package (3.58f). The archive should be enough. You need to install it over the English version of H3Complete or Shadow of Death.

Additionally - but not necessarily - you can also install some of the extra packages in that link above: extra_bf.wog (new battlefield backgrounds) and video_full.wog (some videos for the campaigns - however the campaigns are still incomplete). These will not interfere with VCMI. The 3rd optional archive there - erm_tools.wog - can be installed, but about this I can’t guarantee anymore that once you start using ERM scripts, they won’t interfere with VCMI (Tow or Tow dragon will have to confirm this). What I do recommend to also install if you want, would be the 3.58f Script Update. If you feel like also exploring WoG first, this corrects quite a number of bugs - and again, it does not interfere with VCMI.

Anyway, whether you install the additional packages or only the main one, see first that WoG is working fine on your machine, and then you can go ahead and install the last VCMI release. Let us know if you have issues with any installation.


Thank you for the help but that site says I have to pay when I try to download it.