Compilation and Win 7 compatibility

I have compiled the source with the brebuild vcpkg with no problem but when I try to run the game on windows 7, it gives me an error: “The procedure entry point GetCurrentThreadStackLimits could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNELL32.dll”.

How could I make it windows 7 compatible?

Thanks a lot for any help.

Hi. Prebuilt vcpkg is not compatible with Windows 7.

If you want to use vcpkg on Windows 7 you need to (somehow) set _WIN32_WINNT and WINVER macro to Windows 7 - 0x0601 and rebuild vcpkg with it. Not familiar with vcpkg myself so not sure how to achieve this.

That’s very unfortunate because I am not really knowledgeable about these things :frowning:
But still, if I compile it on win 10 PC and then move it to win 7, the same error appears. But if I download the official VCMI version, it works everywhere even on windows 7. How so?

it’s compiled with a different method and even on Linux