Codeblocks abandonned?

So I downloaded the source code, compiled it on my station and well, it wouldn’t run.
The good point is that it configured, made and made install without a glitch.
The bad point is that it would fail to run of course.

I’m on a Gentoo 64-bits (“to make things worse” ^^).

I opened the project with Codeblocks.
Is the .vcproject abandonned ?
It wouldn’t compile because files were not in the good folders. Additionally, some other errors hindered the compilation (like : in CVideoHandler.cpp, line 490, I had to change :
#include <…/client/SDL_framerate.h>
#include “…/client/SDL_framerate.h”
(which looks better to me))

I also had my first dive into the code, and I have to say that this will go better once I am able to build it under codeblocks, see the dependencies and everything.
I’ll keep you posted if you don’t mind it :wink:

What other means of communication do you use ? IRC ?
See you guys !

I don’t know about developers using codeblocks. I, Tow and Warmonger are using Visual Studio.

Only ubuntux could help you, he uses 64 bit Ubuntu. Anyway, VCMI is working on his machine so it should finally work on yours.

Some time ago certain files were moved, C::B project files must haven’t been updated.

If we have something to discuss, we do it on this board or talk via IM client (no conferences). Sometimes I and Tow meet in real.

There a README.linux file to tell you how to compile and install VCMI. That should help.

C:B project files are very old and need update. One good think to do it’s fresh import visual project to CB and adds libs, or edit manually in text editor and adds files from makefile.

Here is my latest cb files from r1165. (4.19 KB)